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How Can Big Data Help You In Your Business

Posted by Pamela Swift in Technology

Data is one of the most important things that your business can possess. It will tell you if your are making the most profitable choice for your company or whether you may want to think about adjusting how you complete a job for a client. What kind of data can be useful when creating and […]

Article Contributed by Jennifer Livingston One of the biggest challenges for businesses is maintaining employee engagement. Irrespective of benefits, salaries and incentives, a working environment where employees are motivated and engaged is important since they feel they are working for a common goal, participating in formulating business strategies and objectives and supported to develop themselves. […]

Article Contributed by Elizabeth Stepp Image Source: Business security has come into the spotlight in the past few years, mainly due to high profile security breaches like the ones at Sony, Ashley Madison and Kaspersky Lab. Small businesses are routinely targeted by cyber criminals, due to the unsophisticated security systems that they have in […]

The new generation or the Millennials are after speed! They need everything faster. Nobody has the time to wait for anything and when it comes to the Internet, it is no different. Everyone wants their internet to be fast and stable. Frequent disconnections disrupt whatever they are doing over the Internet and slow connections make […]

No matter how you slice it, operating a business in today’s digital society without the proper technology is a recipe for disaster. Whether you sell products through an online venue or you provide services at a brick and mortar location, you cannot effectively manage all aspects of business without the support of information technology. Technology […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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