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In the knowledge era, financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and wealth management companies can thrive in the digital world by securely streamlining transactions for their customers. Recent trends in the digital finance field point are shifting due to a variety of pressures, including regulatory oversight and customer expectations. A Growing Trend Over the past […]

Article Contributed by Diana Smith In the year 2014 most businesses, regardless of their size, have relied on technology solutions for advancement of their businesses and no different it will be in 2015. In fact, if nothing, all entrepreneurs are advised by experts to rely on technology for strengthening of their marketing, product development, and […]

What does your company email address say about you? Nothing screams “newbie” as a free domain email address. And nothing dates you as much as a Hotmail or Yahoo! email address, especially if you are a technology-focused startup company. This is an #entrepreneurfail that can easily be avoided. It is important that as you launch […]


Can Your Business Survive Without You?

Posted by Marcel Sim in Technology

Entrepreneurs can be notorious for their unique ways of thinking and working. The fact that they are often different from most people in the business world is what makes them branch out on their own and start up their own companies. If you are the owner and progenitor of a small business, then it is […]


The Cloud is All Grown Up

Posted by Marcel Sim in Technology

Article Contributed by Kay Ackerman Have you noticed you don’t hear a formerly common question much anymore? “Exactly, what is cloud computing, anyway?” It wasn’t too long ago when, if you told people you use the cloud to produce and store your work, you received perplexed looks from even some otherwise tech-savvy gurus. As many […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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