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No matter what kind of business you have, there’s a good chance technology will factor into a large part of it. You might rely on databases to track shipments, or use tablets to capture details of customer feedback on the fly. Technology today allows the information that drives your business to be immediately updated and […]


Inventing Innovation Pathway in Web 2.0

Posted by Marcel Sim in Technology

Article Contributed by Sumeet Web 2.0 existence The introduction of Web 2.0 in the real world has made the life of every person very busy, as people use it too often in their daily working life. More and more people try to be online on these social interactions channels as much as possible because it […]

Building a small business from scratch is tough no matter which way you look at it. That being said never has there been more immediately available resources for small business owners than are available today. Technology has finally allowed smaller businesses to compete with larger entities as the more and more individuals are connected through […]

In the knowledge era, financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and wealth management companies can thrive in the digital world by securely streamlining transactions for their customers. Recent trends in the digital finance field point are shifting due to a variety of pressures, including regulatory oversight and customer expectations. A Growing Trend Over the past […]

Article Contributed by Diana Smith In the year 2014 most businesses, regardless of their size, have relied on technology solutions for advancement of their businesses and no different it will be in 2015. In fact, if nothing, all entrepreneurs are advised by experts to rely on technology for strengthening of their marketing, product development, and […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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