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Archive for June, 2011

This is an article based on my recent virtual workshop, “Why Your Dream Business is Not Making BIG money (Yet) – 3 Steps to Build a Full-Time Business on Part Time Hours”.  And wouldn’t we all just love to have more time to ourselves?  Imagine being able to do what you want to do, when […]

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Article by Skip Weisman Many different reasons exist why certain actions taken within an organization can kill trust, quite apart from the regular dishonest activities that mislead staff, hidden agendas, office politics, career rivalry, illegal practices, ignorance, etc. One of the biggest trust-killers is so basic it is easy to overlook. It is and has […]

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Article Contributed by Lynda-Ross Vega Previously, we examined the five qualities of effective leaders, regardless of Perceptual Style. Here, we’ll begin to look at the unique leadership qualities of each specific Perceptual Style, along with real world examples of each.* The Activity Leadership Style Those with the Activity Perceptual Style don’t tend to be continuous […]

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Article Contributed by Kristina Jaramillo Lots of people are “different” these days. But are they really thought leaders? 1.    In most cases, you can’t tell one coach, consultant or expert in a particular industry from another. They practically use the same language to describe themselves and what they do. 2.    If you look at the […]

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Article Contributed by Gary Jordan Leadership as a reciprocal relationship in which one person points in a direction and others follow. Below, we have outlined five qualities of effective leaders. Those qualities are: Their behaviors build on their natural strengths. They are aware of their limitations, and seek input from people with perspectives different from […]

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