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If you still aren’t sure whether or not an MBA is the right career path for you, it can sometimes be best to weigh the pros and cons. Like any other decision we make in life, the choice to pursue an MBA degree program is a major one.

Between weighing the time it will take to finish the degree and the money you’ll be paying out of pocket, it’s important to understand everything that goes into MBA programs online. However, there are many reasons an MBA is helpful for your future. Whether you are just looking for more money or to be better-rounded in your career, there are many reasons why an MBA is a god choice for you and your future. Here are five reasons you should pursue an MBA.

1. Better Career Opportunities

While an MBA isn’t always valuable in all careers, it can lead to more opportunities if you work in business, finance, or the corporate world. An MBA can open doors leading to positions of management, financial advisor status, or corporate management.

Whether you’re setting out with the goal of management or going back to get a degree after working in your field for years, an MBA can be a valuable asset to your future, income, and resume. Many people find themselves reaching for management after working within their company. An MBA can be one of the only ways to make that transition. There are many MBA programs online that will allow you to continue working in your field while taking classes online.

2. Transferable Skills

An MBA may not always be right for every career or profession, but the skills learned can be used in a variety of places. Most of those pursuing an MBA choose management or finance as a specialization. While having a career in these fields is possible, there are a variety of skills learned that can be used in all aspects of your life or career.

Whether you choose to change careers after an MBA or not, the leadership and intellectual skills learned can be applied to all parts of your life. MBA programs online can help you obtain higher analysis and critical thinking skills, awareness of other cultures, and communication skills you can use in any career you pursue.

3. Start Your Own Business

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own business, an MBA can be one of the best ways to understand the ins and outs of the industry and be successful in your endeavor. Starting and owning a business can be difficult, especially if you aren’t familiar with proper business practices or creating a budget.

An MBA can help you understand more about how to run your business successfully. An MBA is perfect for creating a marketing plan for your new business, understanding how to hire and fund your employees, balancing the revenue you’re making, and keeping your goods or services flowing. If you already own a business but are struggling to manage it, working toward an MBA while running your business is a better way to ensure success.

4. Make More Money

It’s no secret that getting an MBA can be costly. After your undergrad, the increase of expenses for your MBA program can be surprising. However, the return on investment is often high compared to other degrees. If you’re struggling to make money now, having an MBA can make you more valuable to your company and, in turn, lead to higher pay.

Those with an MBA or a high-paying specialization are often paid more than other careers within the industry. Finance and management can lead to high-paying salaries compared to those who do not have an MBA. If you’re looking for more pay or to make yourself more valuable to you company, an MBA is the perfect choice.

5. Job Security

Nothing is guaranteed, but with an MBA, you’re given a little more job security compared to other careers. Those with MBAs or MBA skills are more valuable to the company they work for. This means having an MBA can ensure you are less likely to lose your job or be cut during times of layoffs.

Depending on your specialization, you may be more likely to find jobs as well in the case that your company shuts down or moves. You may also be able to request relocation in the case that your branch closes. Having a backup plan through your MBA gives you wider opportunities when it comes to keeping and finding a job.


Giving back to your community is hugely important for businesses. Not only does it help to set you apart from competitors, it also can make your employees happier and attract new customers and clients to want to work with your business. There are many different ways to give back to the community, here are a few ideas to get you feeling inspired:


If your company is one which has spare time to give away, volunteering to help with a community project is the best way of giving back. It also gives your business exposure and shows that you actively care about improving things for your local community. A great example of this kind of volunteering is when the car sales company Motorpoint, sent employees to work in local charity shops helping out for the day. This helped them to break down the negative stereotypes surrounding car salespeople and showed off their excellent customer service skills which local customers benefited from.

Donate to Charity

A good way to give back to the local community is to sponsor a charity. This way you can donate all funds raised from work bake sakes, fundraisers and office events to your chosen charity and support them over an ongoing period. This could include things like organising company activity days such as sponsored walks, swims, and cycle challenges. One of the advantages of donating money is it doesn’t take up too much time which can be especially help

Focus on your Strengths

Every company will have a different specialism which they can use to help support the local community. Whether you’re a tech company that could volunteer teaching elderly people to use computers or a restaurant that could go make dinner at the local homeless shelter, focusing on your strengths is important as it means you can provide the community with a new skill or something that’s useful to them as opposed to a generic task.

Set a Target

By setting a certain amount of money you’d like to raise as a company, or a target number of hours per year you’d like to dedicate to volunteering, you’ll have something to aim towards and be able to make a significant contribution to your chosen charity or cause.

These are just some of the ways which your business can give back to the community, with  many more to choose from, why not take one up and start supporting your local community today?

Article Contributed by Sujain Thomas

Business analytics, also called business intelligence or BI, involves gathering and interpreting data for businesses. Business intelligence has many players, the titansbeing Oracle, SAP, and IBM, the established specialists being SAS, MicroStrategy, and Information Builders, and notable emerging players are Tableau, TIBCO, QlikTech, Birst, andLogi Analytics. There has been an increase in the uptake of business analytics over the past few years among start-ups because of the many benefits these tools give. These include:


  • Smart Decision-Making


Business analytics gives you important data that will help you in decision making. You will also be able to make decisions faster. Sales and marketing departments, particularly, stand to benefit from business analytics. You will be able to spot trends, see rise and fall in demand for products/services, note changes by comparing past and current records, return on investment reports for product lines and individual products, quantify customer buying patterns, and use metrics to measure loss and growth.


  • Data Visualization


Data visualization, which is at the core of business analytics, will give you clear insight. You can use comprehensive graphs and chart to make the decision making process more interesting. Virtual representation of the data extracted allows you to extract relevant and useful insight in a much clearer way.


  • Keeping up to date


Fads come and go and the modern customer changes his mind too easily since he is easily swayed by the “latest” or “better” offer. Business analytics gives you insight on how your target market acts and thinks. Your business will only survive with today’s ever-changing consumer if you are dynamic. It is not uncommon to see a start-up devouring a larger competitor by simply being sensitive to customer needs and you should, therefore, take advantage of this.


  • Efficiency


Business analytics greatly improve business efficiency. The quick gathering and analysis of huge amounts of data and its presentation in an appealing way encourages a culture of teamwork and efficiency since employees are able to express their insights and participate in decision making. You also get efficiency since the analysis will guide you on what you need to do to achieve your goals.


  • Self-service business analysis


Business analytics allows you to do ad hoc data analysis. This could be recurring analysis or on a one-time-only basis. The data gathered will then be shared with others. On Oracle, this is done through the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.


  • Proactive intelligence delivery


Business analytics can be very proactive. It can provide you with alerts whenever there is a change that matches your filter. This allows you to make decisions in good time.


  • Online business analysis


Good BI tools such as Oracle allow for online business analysis and presentation. This is called OLAP on Oracle (online analytical processing analysis and presentation). It allows an Oracle DBA consulting company to connect, which gives you professionalism (if you do not have the necessary knowhow), it saves you money since you do not need to hire a full-time in-house team, and it allows you to concentrate on running your business.


  • Anticipative intelligence


Good business analytics tools have anticipative intelligence functionality. Actual and real-time anticipation is important for future planning purposes.


  • Improved usability


The relevant insights can be produced for all the different users (such as management, technical staff, and even partners) and not just the analyst. It is possible to optimize information on each step, meaning all levels are able to identify their own roles.


  • Analysis of big data


If you have an online presence, your website is search-engine optimized, and you have a good product or service, it is only a matter of time before you start getting high traffic on your site and through doors. Handling all this data can be time-consuming and costly, even for a start-up. Failure to have accurate data is not an option because you not only risk being out of touch with your customers, but you may jeopardize regulatory compliance and corporate security.


  • Score-carding capabilities


Although most start-ups do not use BI for score-carding, this is still an important functionality. In contrast to dashboards and reports, which usually display analytics results, scorecards are used to compare results to metrics.


  • Improved operations management


BI give operation managers information that will help them make smart operation decisions. Operation managers, HR, and management will understand group and individual worker productivity better. This will lead to better headcount management and effective budget allocation.


  • Improved negotiations


The data you get from business intelligence will help you when negotiating with suppliers and other vendors, investors, and other business partners. As an example, if you want to delay paying your supplier because of cash flow problems, the supplier is more likely to accept the delay if you have facts proving that you will be in a better cash position shortly.


  • Eliminating waste


A good business analytics system will point out waste or loss that you may not have noticed before. This is particularly important for larger organizations thathave more leaks. The business analytics system will be deployed company-wide and it will work as a single, unified entity, meaning it will analyze transactions between departments and subsidiaries to identify areas of inefficiency and overlap. According to CIO website, thanks to BI tools, Toyota was able to realize it was double paying shippers in the tune of $812,000 in 2000.

All your data will be in a database. Even as you do business analytics, ensure that all the data is protected by deploying proven DB security techniques. You can hire a remote DBA to handle your data. A good DBA will also help you in business analytics and even in search engine optimization.

Avoid the common temptation of using spreadsheets to keep track of your data. This not only wastes your time and energy, but you will also miss such things as trends in the data. You should hire a professional for business analytics because a pro will have the experience necessary. Buy your business analytics tools from renowned vendors such as Oracle because you will get the most functionalities and the best support.

Author Bio:

Sujain Thomas helps businesses do analytics. She also helps businesses develop analytics strategy. She has years of experience in analytics, DB management, and big data. For more information about Oracle DBA consulting, visit this website.

Article Contributed by Kristina Jaramillo

Studies from the Alterra Group show that 97% of marketers report account based marketing approaches have the highest ROI. The IT Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) reports that 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe account based marketing as delivering the highest returns of all other marketing approaches. And, LinkedIn reports that social selling professionals that take an account based marketing approach gain 45% more opportunities.

Yet, most sales and marketing professionals fail to take an account based marketing approach on LinkedIn and on social media in general. For example, Single Point of Contact, a California-based MSP, was targeting real estate management firms with the same promises of reduced IT savings, increased security and other generic claims that other managed service providers were also discussing. They were making these generic claims without showing any proof and showing how and why they’re able to provide these benefits to targeted audiences.

On LinkedIn, the profile of the VP of Business Development was mainly a resume and there was no quantifiable, specific value being communicated to their targeted audiences. The firm had no case studies that they can use on their profile and in nurturing efforts to targeted prospects. The blog content was general in nature and did not show targeted audiences that they understood their specific issues, challenges and circumstances. And, they didn’t show how they can take their targeted audiences vision and turn it into a path to value (which you can only do with an account-based marketing approach).

Here Are the Steps We Took to Help Single Point of Contact Drive Demand with Specific, Targeted Audiences

  1. Take an account based marketing approach to our client’s LinkedIn profile.  We focused on pulling in prospects with relevant stories rather than just push out content – even on the VP’s profile where we show his unique business story and the results that his clients have gained under his direction.  You’ll find case studies throughout the profile. So, instead of using the experience section as a resume, the VP now has content for different audiences with different needs. You’ll find a position that shows how he helped Shorenstein Realty (one of the largest, oldest, most respected real estate management firms in the US that was spending upwards of $750,000 on their  IT infrastructure) cut IT Opex by 43%. By making the VP’s profile case study based, we show his relevance and how he is in tune with his buyer’s needs. By talking about Shorenstein Realty within his profile in multiple spots – an IT leader within a local SF Bay real estate management firm reached out to our client to connect and asked specific questions based on the content found inside the profile.  Do you see the power of taking an account based marketing approach to your profile where you focus on what’s going to allow you to open the door to the targeted audiences that you are looking to attract? This SF Bay real estate management form ignored all previous communications up until now.
  1. Take an account based marketing approach with their social content strategy. Now, building the foundation was only the first step. Single Point of Contact needed the content to further nurture relationships with interested parties. For example, as Single Point of Contact’s

VP’s profile piqued interest by talking about his work with Shorenstein Realty, the company needed case studies to continue the conversation. And, the company needed case studies for other markets that they wanted to penetrate. Now, on the Single Point of Contact website, you’d learn how the managed service provider supports the broadband industry (another target market for the managed service provider). You’d see how they helped a law firm save $24,000 with just 1 fix (another big target market). Along with case studies, we provided them with blog post and LinkedIn publishing platform posts that would challenge IT leaders within these target industries  and provide them alternative answers to their unique challenges.


  • Take an account based LinkedIn marketing and social selling approach – In many cases, your LinkedIn profile and your content will not drive demand enough to produce the ROI you want. It’s the next step actions you take and how you use the content to build and leverage relationships that will move prospects closer to the sale. That’s why we mapped out how Single Point of Contact should be connecting and building relationships with specific key decision makers within the targeted accounts that the managed service provider wanted. We mapped out content paths based on the specific issues that the targeted accounts were facing and how the prospects were reacting and engaging with the content.


Results of an Account-Based Marketing Approach on LinkedIn

Besides attracting a large real estate management company (when all previous attempts to gain their attention failed), taking an account based marketing approach to LinkedIn provided Single Point of Contact with:

  • Engagement driving visibility
  • Access to higher quality leads who saw the Managed Service Provider’s business value
  • Increased lead conversions as IT buyers saw how Single Point of Contact can help them overcome IT challenges and create a path to value
  • A strong foundation to build key relationships with enterprise decision makers

Click here to read the complete case study to learn more!

Now, look at your profile and your messaging. Are you speaking to “everyone” instead of very specific audiences and showing that you truly understand their unique challenges and that you are uniquely qualified to solve their problems? If so, that may be why you’re connection conversions are low and why your prospects are ignoring your messaging. Maybe it’s time for you to seriously think about giving your LinkedIn profile a makeover and design it to move conversations forward with very specific audiences.

About the Author:

Kristina Jaramillo, Managing Partner at, provides LinkedIn profile makeover training to sales teams so they can attract key decision makers, communicate their business value and move sales conversations forward. Check out Kristina’s latest free LinkedIn profile makeover webinar to see how your profile is worthless as a sales and marketing tool plus get more examples of profiles that are driving results:

Article Contributed by Kayleigh Alexandra

One thing is for sure – office life doesn’t suit everyone. For whatever reason, whether it’s your personal circumstances or simply down to preference, some people get more out of working from home. The distractions are minimal, the commute is non-existent, and you don’t even have to change out of your pyjamas if you don’t want to. There are lots of different job options for those who want to work from home, and while it doesn’t work for all career paths, there are several where you can make it happen. A lot comes down to what your skills are. Here are some of the top options to consider when searching for a job that can be done from home.

Sales and customer care

Got a phone? Access to Wi-Fi? That and the gift of the gab is all you need for a job in sales or customer care. You’re on the phone and computer for most of the day, so there is no need for you to go into the office. More and more companies are allowing their sales and customer care employees to telecommute nowadays, as it can easily be done from home and gives employees more flexibility.

While the level of expertise needed for this kind of job can vary depending on the company and products involved, as long as you are comfortable speaking to people on the phone, a lot of the knowledge required can be learned as you go along. Whether it’s tech support, resolving minor issues or taking payments over the phone, this is a viable option for home workers.

Copywriting and editing

Copywriters are always in high demand for marketing and advertising purposes, and one of the best things about this kind of work is that it can easily be handled on a freelance basis, rather than working in-house for one company. The joy of writing is that you can do it anywhere, whether that’s at home or even in a nice local cafe. As a freelance writer you can expect to write about all sorts of different subjects, whatever the client needs on that occasion.

More and more, copywriters are hired to write content for the web, which could be articles, guides and blog posts. As well as being a competent writer, it’s also good to have some knowledge of writing for SEO, which means including core keywords and variations of them. If you’re a quick writer and your output is good, you can expect to have clients coming back to you often with new briefs – just be sure you have time for them all, and set your freelance rates accordingly. This is a job that offers great freedom and flexibility, if you can manage your time effectively.

Running an ecommerce store

There are loads of great ways to earn an income online, and one of the best is to sell products or services through an online store. With today’s myriad platforms, tools and software, creating a professional online store is easy to achieve, without so much as a glance at a line of code. You can automate order fulfillment using a dropshipping merchant, which removes the need for you to store inventory and package/post it yourself.

Whatever you sell, the key to success is to effectively get the word out there by marketing yourself through all available channels, and to ensure that customers have a smooth, seamless experience on your website. Think intuitive navigation, one-click payments and super fast loading times. If you have a passion for a particular product, then running an ecommerce store could be the perfect stay-at-home job for you.

Home tutoring

The demand for good home tutors is rising rapidly. If you have teaching experience of any kind, then now is the perfect time to explore home tutoring as a potential career option. Increasingly, the school system is failing students who struggle with particular subjects and need extra help. Teachers are handling classes of 30 or more students, making it virtually impossible for them to give every student the full care and attention that they need. That’s why many parents turn to home tutoring to help give their children the extra support they need in subjects that they find difficult, whether it’s reading, writing, maths or music. This kind of work is ideal for those who have already trained as teachers but who want to switch to a more one-on-one role, or for those who want to supplement supply teaching work.

Home tutors can take this career further by helping to manage other teachers and educators, creating a network of professionals to cater to the demand – much like a home tutoring referral network.

Digital marketing

Do you know your way around SEO and marketing in the digital world? If you have previous experience working as a digital marketer and the proof that you can generate successful online campaigns, then digital marketing and SEO are great options for freelancers looking to work from home.

Whether you work in link-building, keyword research and optimization, social campaigns, site audits or Google advertising, there are many ways to generate a buzz online, and if you know how, then you have a potential successful career sitting right in front of you. All you need is a phone, a computer and internet access.

Transcription or translation

Transcription and translation services are much in demand, and are the ideal jobs to do from home as you ideally want as few distractions as possible. If you speak more than one language, it is entirely possible to make a very respectable income translating copy for international companies, where language barriers can lead to miscommunication.

Likewise, transcription work for things like audio notes, PowerPoint presentations and videos are highly sought after on websites like UpWork, allowing companies to outsource their transcription so they can focus on other business matters in-house. If you can type quickly and your spelling and grammar are spot on, transcription and translation work can be excellent work-from-home career alternatives.

Web design

The internet is here to stay, that’s for sure. And as more and more businesses, enterprises and organizations bring their businesses online, the demand for good web designers is high. Whether you already work as a web designer or are training in that field, the great thing about this kind of work is that you can do it from any location, as long as you have access to Wi-Fi and a computer. For this reason, a lot of web designers choose to work as freelancers, which means more flexibility and freedom.

As a freelancer you may find that some clients prefer for you to work in-house for the duration of their project, but this will not be the case all of the time. For the most part, web design is the perfect work-from-home gig, with the added bonus of allowing you to flex your creative muscles. Just be sure to set your freelance rates competitively.

Are you looking for the perfect work-from-home career? What aspects of working at home are important to you? Let us know about your own work-from-home experience in the comments.

About Kayleigh Alexandra: Passionate about writing for the startup and entrepreneurial audience, I have recently been part of setting up an exciting project at We donate all our website profits to charities that help people reach their full potential. Find out more on Twitter.

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