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Online trading has proven to be both a blessing and a curse for the investors all around the world. By enabling them to acquire and sell financial assets from virtually anywhere on the planet, it has effectively revolutionized the way business is done in the 21st century, although this does not come without its own share of troubles. Trading has become faster and more available than ever, albeit at a great cost in terms of security and finances.

Advantages of Online Trading

Of all the advantages online trading has brought to the table, what stands out the most is the sheer convenience that comes with being able to trade at one’s leisure. At last, traders are no longer bound to their brokers. As the 21st century connectivity kicks in, one no longer has to stay within running distance of a landline so they can phone orders to their brokers, hoping they get lucky. Nowadays, market opportunities can be exploited in real time, without having to make direct contact with the broker – thanks to online trading. Aside from that, online accounts keep getting easier to open and manage, making brokers all but redundant, for the most part. In fact, since online trading is controlled by the computers, online accounts can be accessed at any given moment. Furthermore, online safety has reached a point where traders no longer have to worry about a teenager with a laptop ruining their entire portfolio; in fact, savvy traders can amass a sizable fortune in a relatively short amount of time, without ever having to worry about online safety. In addition, online trading actually rewards zealous traders with lower commissions, costs and various perks. The best part is that virtually anyone can join in on the action – all it takes is some spare money to get started, the desire to invest and a computer with an internet connection. Users can get an update on a daily basis on the brand’s social pages. Optionsxo is sharing knowledge on their twitter page  every day on the beginning of the trading day.

Disadvantages of Online Trading

As convenient as online trading gets, people often neglect the fact that there is a price for convenience – any convenience. In this particular instance, the convenience is the price; or rather, it can make traders prone to risks they might not otherwise take or even have access to. The costs of doing business are lower indeed, but people often forget that they are risking real money, instead of playing a fancy video game. Make no mistake, there is a degree of risk to any trade, online or otherwise, but this way traders can make more of them and that means more risk by default. And since the broker’s involvement has been reduced to a minimum, there is no one to hold your hand out there. Furthermore, by relying on all this technology, online traders leave themselves open to all sorts of mechanical failures and software glitches that can be quite costly. To make the matters worse, there is no meaningful way a trader can influence these things. Besides, as critics love to point out, the old dependency on phones and landlines has been replaced by a similar dependency, albeit on another medium – the Internet. The connectivity itself has been improved, but now there are even more things that can go wrong: from failures to malicious attacks to outright sabotage, the sheer number of factors means online safety should never be taken for granted.

To Summarize:

While online trading certainly has its flaws, the numerous advantages make the future of said trading all but assured. In fact, online trading continues to grow and develop as a concept faster than ever. Yes, this will inevitably involve some growing pains, but in the end, savvy traders will carry the day, while those less able will have to rely on their good fortune. After all, the convenience and versatility that online trading has introduced cannot be negated that easily; being able to trade on the go – quickly, efficiently and (relatively) safely will always trump the occasional mishap or a rash judgment. And even if said flaws are not being rectified fast enough, the ease with which virtually anyone can join in will supply a steady influx of newcomers that outpaces the loss of disillusioned traders who have learned a valuable life lesson – albeit the hard way.


Why the Road To Perfection May Run Through Imperfection

This post is dedicated to all of you who want your “gift” to be perfect before releasing it to the world. I’m talking about those books and info-products and any other projects that aren’t quite ready and need “another round of edits” before they’ll be “perfect” and ready for the world.Musings_02

August 2014, I released my first Love-Based Copywriting book. While on so many levels it was a big hit (the comments and feedback I received took my breath away — people telling me my book and message made such a huge impact on their business and life) it was also pretty flawed:

* The title wasn’t quite right. This is evidenced by some of the comments on Amazon — if you look you’ll see several pretty negative reviews, which were very difficult to read and process.

Now, once I was able to soothe my very hurt writer’s ego (which included a lot of angst where I obsessively looked at other books and said “they don’t have negative reviews like that, what’s wrong with my book?”) I realized that the problem was the title promised something the book didn’t really deliver (and even though I tried to fix expectations in the intro of the book, I clearly wasn’t successful). The reviews I’m talking about are the ones who comment on the teachings in the book — the ones that attack my writing style, including one memorable one that said the book was “absolutely dreadful” and I’m “writing to a 6-year-old” I can’t do much about except to acknowledge you just can’t please everyone.

So clearly the book was flawed. And yet, I still released it.

LoveBasedBook_03* The cover wasn’t very good. This is not a slam on my designer, who is very talented, but on me. We were moving pretty fast near the end to get it out and I was distracted because my mom’s cancer had returned and she was getting ready to undertake a radical treatment at the Mayo Clinic (which ended up going horribly wrong, which I wouldn’t fully know until later in August, but that didn’t stop me from having a bad feeling about it during this time). I didn’t like the cover but I didn’t know what to really say so I didn’t say anything. I also hadn’t given her very good directions before she stared working on the cover (or, actually, I don’t think I gave her any direction at all) so this was something she whipped out that we just went with.

So, not only was the cover flawed, but I knew it. And yet, I still released it.

* The content wasn’t complete. I didn’t realize this until after I released the book and started talking about it on podcasts and interviews and on stage, along with fielding questions about it. That’s when I realized I still had a lot more to say about the philosophy of Love-Based Copy and I had simply scratched the surface with the book as it was currently written.

So yes, the content was flawed (because it wasn’t complete) and yet I released it anyway.

Now, this is the important part. Of the above flaws, the only one I KNEW when I released the book was the cover. And, the cover is the one piece that’s the most out of my hands, since my graphical talent is on par with a sponge (actually, on further reflection, sponges may have more graphical talent) and need to rely on others to bring their gifts to help support my vision.

But the flaws I have complete control over — the title/promise and the content — I would NEVER have realized they were flawed UNLESS I released it and let the marketplace reflect back to me where I needed improve it.

Let me say that again in a slightly different way — it was impossible for me to make the book “perfect” without first releasing it as “imperfect.” 

So, for all of you reading this who have an unfinished project somewhere that you haven’t released yet because it’s not quite “perfect,” I would like to invite you to consider the possibility that perhaps it is impossible for you to make it “perfect” without releasing it as “imperfect” first.

Plus it’s a lot easier to course correct when you’re actually moving forward (if you’re standing still, there’s not a whole of correction you can actually do).

Would love to hear your thoughts on how you were able to release your imperfect project.

Michele PW

About Our GE Network Expert - Michele PW

Michele PW (Michele Pariza Wacek) is your Ka-Ching! marketing strategist and owns Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, a copywriting and marketing agency. She helps entrepreneurs become more successful at attracting more clients, selling more products and services and boosting their business. To find out how she can help you take your business to the next level, visit her site at


Process Essay: How to Save Money

Posted by Pamela Swift in Finance & Capital


Saving money is one of the most relevant and notable problems of every person in the world. We need money for everything. Food, clothes, shelter, education and entertainment cost something. If you want to have a delicious dinner, you will have to buy more or less expensive products. When you want to keep your home clean, you require detergents that are not cheap. Sometimes you require new jeans and shoes whereas they look well. The other day, you want to go to the cinema. Then, you need to pay for your car wash. All these little expenses consume much money and we do not even notice it. When we want to buy something grand and worthy, we discover that we do not have extra money. We find it troublesome to buy a new car or a house. Our money disappears somewhere and it is time to change this situation for the better. How can one save money rewardingly?

The weightiest foremost tip is connected with the increase of your debt.

Whenever you want to purchase a house or a new car, you take out a loan and give it back for years. Needless to say but you lose much money. There is hardly a bank that will lend you money without the slightest percent. When you borrow $100 000, you will have to repay at least $115 000. In many cases, borrowers have to give back more than $125 000. You should make the biggest down payment as you can in order to pay less inasmuch as the banking institution calculates the percent of your debt from the unpaid borrowed sum. In simple words, avoid accumulating new and new debts. Avoid taking out solid loans.

Establish a few reasons to save for.

If you want to buy a new automobile, it is the best motivation. Remember about your new car and avoid wasting money on the unnecessary and second-rate items. When you have your specific goal, you will reach it sooner.

Set a time-frame for every goal.

If you know that you need a new car next year, you will try to accumulate the required sum on time. Bear in mind that you should establish reasonable time-frames forasmuch you will not obtain $200 000 in a year if you earn about $5000 monthly. Furthermore, you will need to earn more than $200 000 whereas you will have various expenses during the year. Thus, your required sum increases up to $250 000.

Probably the most considerable piece of advice is keeping a budget.

If you have your personal budget, you will be able to control your money beneficially. Keeping a budget is simple arithmetic. When your monthly income is equal to $4000, you will need to devote at least $1000 to utilities, $500 to food, $300 to gasoline, $100 to the Internet, $300 to clothes, $500 to entertainment (cinema, theatre, restaurants). As a result, you possess more or less $1300 that can be spent in the way you want. If you do not cross the limits of these expenses, you will save $1300 monthly.

Do not forget to track your expenses.

When you want to keep your budget essentially, you should note every expense. Do not throw away your receipts. Collect all receipts during the month and count the total sum of your expenses. Keep a large notebook or use your smartphone to hold your calculations. It is smart to divide your receipts into two groups at the end of the month. The first group is related to the essential purchases. The second group represents unimportant buys. You will be surprised when you see how much money is wasted on the unnecessary things.

When you have set your budget and evaluated your financial opportunities objectively, it is high time to cut your expenses. It is smart to remove all luxuries that overload your budget. Do not buy expensive clothes, sell unused gadgets and unsubscribe from the unnecessary TV and internet packages inasmuch as they consume much money. Besides, you can find cheaper housing. This factor is vital whereas housing and utensils can consume about 30% of your monthly income. When you find a cheaper house, you will save more than 10 or 15% of your budget. Next, make food at home. The same dish at a restaurant will cost at least five times more. Finally, you should learn to have fun without wasting money. For instance, you can go to a cheap cinema or affordable café or go on a hike with friends.

Ultimately, it is possible to save money advantageously if you treat this process with responsibility.

Source of this essay: – academic writing service.

Why Don’t People Buy From Me

Did you ever ask yourself, “Why don’t people buy from me?”

The Biggest Marketing Challenge WE All Face

The biggest challenge we’re dealing with today is change. Things are changing so fast. As a result of this rapid pace of change people do not know who to trust!

There are six questions your prospects want answered before they will buy from you. These questions are designed to allow you to think like your buyer and speak with them so they know you are the right and safe choice.

Why the Six Questions are Important

When I started my business back in 2001, I lacked trust. What I really mean is that I did not know who could help me get clear on my ideal client. Every time I ask someone they said things I did not understand. I was confused and a confused mind does not take action. This is what we’re dealing with.

Stick with me as I talk about things you may not have thought about before. Keep an open mind because, to grow your business, you need to find someone you can trust.

Remember we stated earlier that “trust” is the biggest marketing issue we need to address. This is what marketing is about – helping our prospects to trust us so we can start the sales process.

Let’s jump right in.

The Six Questions

Question 1: What Do You Do?

What do you do? What would you tell me?

If you answered, “I am a financial planner,” or “I am an accountant,” or “I fix computers,” then you got it wrong. This is not what you do; it is how you do it.

People want to know what you do before they want to know how you do it.

For example, if you are a financial planner, here is what I would hope to hear: “I help people make the right choices about their money,” or “I help them make wise money decisions,” or “I build, protect and transfer wealth (my favorite).”

People want to know what you do before they want to know how you do it.

Question 2: Why should I care about what you do? Or, “What’s in it for me?”

If I asked a financial planner how he is different, what would he say? This is really important because there are thousands of financial planners that want my business. Why would I hire one over the other?

If you’re a business owner and looking for customers, you have prospects who are asking, “What’s in it for me?” Your job is to marry your skills and the outcome you provide to the prospects that have that need. Don’t make your prospect figure it out, tell them. That’s all your prospects want know. Don’t make your prospect guess.

Question 3: Why are YOU the Right and Safe Choice?

They’re going to want to know the answer to this question: “How do I know you are the right and safe choice for me, right now?”

The question of why you are the right and safe choice addresses a very powerful question for your prospects: “Can I trust you to do what you say you will do?”

They want to know how you will make them more effective and productive, how you make them right and how would you make them look good?

Business owners have a strong need to be more effective and more productive. Here is what you need to know. Simply ask them what they want to achieve and tell them how you will help them achieve that goal. When they understand how you’re going help them achieve their goal and how you can make them more effective and more productive, they are on board.

Question 4: What do you do better than anyone Else in the World?

You are unique. There is no one like you. The uniqueness you bring to the business is a great example of how to answer this question. It is not the only answer but it is a great place to start. Let’s look at a specific example.

How many people have heard the Southwest Airlines commercial where they discuss “bags fly free”?

What does Southwest Air do better than anybody else in the whole world?


Yes, Southwest is fun to fly, but what do they do that no other airline does? “Bags fly free.”  That’s really all it is. They are the only airline that does not charge for bags. This isn’t rocket science.

Question 5: Why is that Important to my Prospects?

Why is what you do better than anyone else in the world important to me?

When you answer this question, you’re moving into allowing the customer to buy from you. This is actually the beginning of the buying process.

Will you:

  • Make them more money?
  • Give them more free time?
  • Create more value?
  • Reduce risk?
  • Save them money?

This is the beginning of the business case of why you are the right person or your company is the right company.

It’s just that simple.

Question 6: Why Buy From Me? Or Prove It.

So here’s the last one question. Why buy from me? This is really the fundamental question; this is where the proof exists. Do you have the credentials? Can you say that you’ve done this for another company and can do the same for me? Do you have endorsements from others who will vouch for you?

If what you are doing is not working as well as you would like. Try this process. It works. The answers you create can be used to craft a killer 30 second commercial, create actionable contents for your web site and make it easier for prospects to understand why they should be from you.  There are 16 modules on answering the six questions. To make it easy you can purchase or rent this course at

Ron Finklestein

About Our GE Network Expert - Ron Finklestein

After a successful consulting career, Ron Finklestein has spent the past 6 years building his business AKRIS Inc and helping entrepreneurs and business owners build their businesses by helping them solve the tough problems that hold them back. Ron is called The Small Business Success Expert by his clients because of his passion for their success and his knowledge of business. Visit Ron's website at


How to Get Started in Trading

Posted by Pamela Swift in How-To Guides


Trading can be a very lucrative decision if you are in there for the long haul. But the question that most beginners face is how to get started in trading. Here is a detailed guide on how to start with trading, steps you need to take and points to remember:

Stock Broker Account

The first thing you need to do is to open a stock broker account. There are plenty of stock brokers and investment companies who provide online avenues and mobile app services and charge reasonable fees. Make sure that you go through their terms and conditions and understand their fee structure.

Find a Mentor

This is true for every business or investment line and trading is no different. If you are a beginner in trading, you need to find a mentor or someone who can guide you through the market and make trading simpler. You may want to consider a company like Simpler Trading, who has a team of experts to help clients achieve success.

There are different types of trading options like:

~  Call option – Call options are like legal contracts that provide their owners the legal right to purchase the underlying asset at a pre-agreed price in the future. You will most likely buy a call option when you are positive that the value of the asset in question is going to rise in the future.

~  Put option – Put options, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of call option. Under this option, you are given the right to sell an asset in the future at a pre-agreed price. So theoretically, you would buy a put option when you are positive that the value of the given asset is going to fall in the future. Under both call and put option, there is an expiry date on the contract. So you cannot wait forever.

~  American style options – American style options does not mean that you have to buy them at a specific location, but it means that the terms of the contract will be dictated by that place. Call and Put options as discussed come with an expiry date and when the date comes, you can either buy or sell the given asset respectively. But if it is an American style option, then you have an additional benefit, the right to exercise any time before the expiry of the contract.

~  European style options – European style options differ from their American counter slightly in a way that you do not have the third option. This means you can buy and sell only at the time when your contract expires and not before that.

The point here is that if you are a beginner, then you need to hire the services of an expert, who know what they are doing. It is their job to make sure that your investments remain safe and give you suitable returns.

What sets these experts and their membership apart is that when you join them, you also get to benefit from a strong community of investors who are already profiting from their expertise and knowledge. This strong investment minded community of traders share a combined knowledge of over 200 years.


Whenever you buy shares, you have to pay taxes. Not only this, when you make a profit on your shares, even then you have to pay taxes. You may or may not like it but it is there and for everybody.

Before you start investing, make sure to understand the tax structure, percentage applied and general rules and regulations. There is some tax exemptions available based on how long you decide to hold your stocks and how much profit you are booking. This will help you stay ahead of the game. Understanding the tax structure will also help you save your hard earned dollars. Any time you can save money during a recession that never ends and in a high tax environment is a wonderful thing.

Books and Investors

Apart from getting help from an expert and learning your way around the tax structure, it is also recommended that you buy and read some books on the topic. Follow salient and fantastic investor minds of our time like Warren Buffet, Franklin Templeton, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch, and Paul Tudor James. This will help in building the groundwork, like a foundation on which your future will be built.


Every morning follow the news on Yahoo Finance or Google Finance. This will give you an overview of what to expect from the day and the top stories of the day. In case you are looking for in depth coverage of the stock market, then you can also start following Wall Street Journal. Technology has made it easier to do this all on your smartphone.

All the knowledge in the world cannot help you if you fail to take a decision and act on it. Wayne Gretzky once said “you miss every shot you never take” and this correlates here since if you do not make decisions based on this information you will not benefit like you could.

It is paramount that whatever you have read and understood here, you begin to practice it as soon as possible. Hire the services of an investment pro, choose paid subscriptions to improve your knowledge and education, and start implementing what you have learned.

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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