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Everywhere you look, events are changing, and this is definitely the case when it comes to corporate ones too. From attendee engagement to décor, unique qualities are being added to help make these types of events even more exciting and engaging for the attendees.

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to offer their guests a distinguished experience and here are just some of the ways in which the corporate event world is changing:

Finding New Venues

Traditionally, hotels were the most sought after places for corporate events as they were easy to book and ideal for gathering various amounts of people. However, many companies are now trying to find venues that give their gatherings a special edge (see examples at opting for things like theme parks, casinos, concert venues and private houses. Some will even bring activities to their events, hosting murder mystery parties, for example.

These are proving successful because it provides more of an impact on the attendees, increasing the growth of attendance and prolonging the longevity of a company’s conferences. With memorable experiences created not only are the attendees impressed but the hosts have some great PR and promotional tools as a result.

Transforming a Venue

A lot of companies are also looking for different ways that they can add to the décor of their venue, adding more than just company banners to bring their branding to the location. Instead, they enlist the help of specialist décor companies who can bring fun games, experiential booths, furniture and linen to create a space that has the wow-factor for guests.

Because a corporate event is a prime marketing activity for any company, getting creative when it comes to the décor can really add to the overall impact. It helps add to the brand loyalty created with these types of events and will also help to engage employees. Plus, the more unique an event can be, the more media attention it will receive.

Getting Attendees Engaged in the Event

Another increasing trend is higher attendee engagement. Rather than letting attendees just sit and listen (and potentially switch off) for hours on end, the attendees are becoming a part of the event. This engagement can be found in things like audience participation through voting systems, video conferencing and live-feeds. Some may even use hashtags, specific apps and workshops.

Getting attendees involved in the event will help to provide them with a better experience. They’re more likely to learn something from the event when they’re involved in it as opposed to just sitting and looking at a presentation.

Going High-Tech

It’s perhaps not a surprise that many event organizers are using high-tech features within their events. Alongside the standard Wi-Fi and presentation tools needed, businesses are also focusing on more intuitive technology that will create a unique experience in their event. These include social media networking that happens whilst guests are attending the event (e.g. hashtags on Twitter), contests and surveys, language translation in real-time, navigation and GPS assistance for getting to the location, apps that feature workshops and presentations, information kiosks, and video feeds that can be watched on demand.

The possibilities really are endless when it comes to incorporating technology at a corporate event and it helps to get all of the guests involved and engaged with the activities. It personalizes the experience whilst allowing the hosts to get in touch with each of their guests, updating them on the event and keeping them in the loop.

Going Organic

As increasing amounts of pressure are put on companies to become sustainable, many corporate events are now using environmentally-friendly products, including food and the materials used in the décor. Some planners are also using their events to promote local produce, presenting themselves as a company that’s responsible and caring.

As a company is on show at an event like this, it’s important that they demonstrate how they’re part of the bigger picture. By showing commitment to local causes and by being responsible when it comes to the environment, they’re showcasing themselves as a company who’s dedicated to making a change. Many attendees will be looking for this, keen to see that a company is supporting other local businesses as well as the environment.

On the whole, corporate events are continuing to change. Gone are the days of traditional, stuffy environments where all attendees are bored to tears with presentations. Instead, companies are providing creative, unique event opportunities that engage attendees and provide a more rewarding experience.

About the Author:

Stephen McKnight works in the business events industry and can be found around the web sharing his tips and thoughts to help startups, as well as already established businesses get noticed.



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