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Top Tips for Maintaining Staff Motivation

Posted by Pamela Swift in Teamwork


When it comes to running a successful business, there are few factors that are more important than the motivation of your own staff. Keep in mind that your employees are the ones who are doing a large amount of work with regards to the various projects that your company is trying to complete. Motivated employees are typically both happy and productive, which are two qualities that businesses absolutely need to move forward. If you’re worried that your business has a few motivation problems or just feel like the staff motivation could be higher, there are a few important things that you should be considering.


A very effective way to increase motivation in general is to provide regular feedback to all of your employees and team members. It is always important to remember that feedback isn’t only reserved for when an employee has done something wrong. If you see an employee working hard and putting forth their best effort, or generally see someone who has been churning out quality work day after day, make sure the person is aware of your thoughts.


Rewards are another proven way to increase the motivation of your staff. Rewards don’t have to be huge displays of gratitude – sometimes even a simple gift certificate to a local restaurant or a gift card for gasoline can do the trick. Even small tokens of your appreciation will go a long way towards getting employees to work as hard as possible on the work in front of them.

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Clear Communication

One of the biggest reasons that employee motivation can begin to deteriorate around an office is due to a lack of communication. If employees aren’t really sure what is being expected of them, they likely won’t work as hard or as well as they would if they had clear directives to follow. Always make sure that your goals for a particular project are clearly defined and that every employee is well aware of what he or she needs to be doing.


Another great way to maintain staff motivation is to allow employees to offer their own feedback and criticism with regards to certain aspects of the business. If an employee has a great idea on how to further progress on a particular project that everyone is working on, that employee should be allowed to speak his mind. Doing so will help him feel more involved in the overall process, which will give him a very real sense of ownership over the work that he’s doing. Even though you might not necessarily implement every last suggestion that your employees give you, the fact that you’re willing to receive those suggestions at all will go a long way towards showing employees that they are valued.

Michael Ferguson was a factory supervisor for three decades. Now that he is retired, he enjoys sharing his sage advice with others on various Internet blogs. He recommends for DIY office cleaning if you are looking for one.



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