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Protecting the environment is a mission everybody should be involved in, to an extent. Businesses need to take the lead with green technology and other energy conservation methods. When entrepreneurs decide to start a green business, they are setting themselves up for success. A variety of technologies, policies and programs can be used to ensure your business doesn’t leave a carbon footprint.Of course, it’s easier for some businesses to “Go Green” than it is for others. Partnerships with companies such as Vivint can help you achieve a better business, while looking after the environment. With automated software and convenient tools, you can keep your energy usage to a minimum. You don’t have to run on strictly solar or wind power to run a green business and it doesn’t need to be expensive.

Three Ways to Go Green With Your Business Today 

1. Partnerships

Businesses get to choose who they use for different services every day. If you choose to partner with other green companies and companies that offer green products, your company will become more environmentally conscious. For example, partnering with Vivint will allow you to manage your energy usage from anywhere in the world. This can help you turn off lights, the air conditioning and other things if you forget or you know that nobody is in the building.

Another great way every business can help protect the environment is to choose a hosting company that’s at least 100% green. Hosting companies offset their power usage with the purchase of wind energy certificates and those that offset their entire usage are 100% green. Some companies actually offset more than just the energy they use and those companies may advertise more than 100% green products.

2.  Suppliers 

Some businesses need office supplies, products and other supplies to run properly. They need to be able to count on their suppliers. Choosing suppliers that will take back packages for reuse and those already using recycled materials will also help your business run smoothly, while becoming green. When you get ready to choose your suppliers, ask what they do with the packaging and whether they use recycled goods or not.

3.  The Basics 

Every business can help to do their by doing some of the basics. These include turning off lights and anything using energy, making sure faucets don’t drip, installing displacement toilet dams, using energy safe light bulbs and many other simple things. You can also eliminate as much faxing as possible, encourage clients to communicate through email and make double-sided copies to help cut down on paper usage.

If possible, recycle within your office, as well. You can even designate someone every week to help with the task. They can collect all the bins and take it to the actual recycling company in your area, if they don’t service your area. There’s always a way to recycle and it’s just a matter of putting a plan in place to make it happen.

It Starts With Small Steps 

Small steps can help a business get on track with their green movement. When you want to implement new policies, you don’t want to roll out huge changes all at once. Make small changes to help everybody adjust and as they start to take effect, you can add another change. Putting together a full plan and spacing out your new green policies will help your business become green and adjust to all the new things.

If you are starting a business, you can implement many of things from the beginning, but if you are already in business, you need to start with small steps. It may take a little time for your employees to understand what’s going on and really help, but when they do, they will be more than willing to help make your business green.

Article contributed by Jenna Smith



2 Responses to Three Keys To Running An Energy Conscious Business

Angela Gowin

November 7th, 2012 at 5:27 pm

These tips are really insightful for me. I would like to say thanks to the author of this article.

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