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Here at Cunningham Covers, heavy duty tarpaulins are what we do. We also do lighter duty covers, but here we’re going to take a quick look at the more industrial tarpaulins and what they can be used for.

Here’s eight of the most popular uses for industrial tarps.

In transportation

They can be used in transportation to secure loads and protect them from wind, rain and sun. Many haulage and transportation companies need customised tarps for their vehicles, made to specific measurements and with their company logo and advertising on. We’re particularly proud of the tarps that we’ve sent out to haulage fleets.

In construction

During construction works, or after severe storms, homeowners can be left living with huge holes in their roofs. It can take several weeks or even months for repair or building work to start and finish, so heavy-duty tarpaulin comes in handy to replace the roof for a while, keeping everyone inside dry.

In humanitarian aid

As it’s relatively light, stocks of tarpaulins can be delivered to disaster areas or refugee camps, where they can be used to create temporary shelters until families find more permanent homes. Their easy portability also makes them handy for tourists and campers – they can be folded up and put in a car or van boot and moved from one place to another,

In agriculture

Tarps are especially handy here, both for smaller scale farmers and larger farms. They’re used to cover machinery to protect it from the elements, as well as covering newly-harvested crops and less-than waterproof buildings.

Tarpaulins are also important when it comes to livestock, as they can be used to create temporary shelters for animals to protect them from extremes of heat and cold, as well as rain and snow. Just look over any working farm and you’ll see at least a few tarps that have been pressed into service.

On sports grounds

Many people don’t associate tarpaulins with sports, but many sports grounds – cricket and bowls in particular – rely upon them to protect the pitches and greens. These types of very large covers are known as field tarps and they’re custom-made for the different grounds they cover. They can be different shapes and made from different materials depending on the conditions of the grounds.

For insect nets

Some tarpaulin makers make specialist insect nets for use in farming to prevent harmful pest insects – or maybe birds – from reaching valuable crops.

In and around the house

If they’re not being used to replace a roof, they can be used to cover stored furniture, or vehicles so that water, dust and other potentially harmful substances don’t get to the items.

In light and heavy industries

Some industries have processes that create fine mists – of liquids or solid particles that can escape into the air and cause pollution or breathing problems. Specialised tarps can be put up around the area in which these processes happen to stop the vapours or mists spreading to workers or nearby residents. It’s important that these covers are well-maintained so that they work well and comply with safety regulations.



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