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One of the most important things tied to high conversion rates is making an effective call-to-action (CTA) on your website. Engaging your audience and visitors in this way may be exactly what you need to boost your business and see your business flourish.

There are some tactics you should keep in mind when approaching CTA implementation to your website and we’ve summarized some of them for your better understanding of the process. Making a compelling CTA can be tricky, u don’t want to be too aggressive, yet, you don’t want your CTA to seem like something visitors would rather avoid than click on it. Here are some things to keep in mind when making an effective call-to-action on your site.

What is CTA?

Basically, CTA is a button on your page that helps you make leads out of your visitors, by filling out a form on your landing page. CTA button takes your potential customers to your higher-value offers page – the landing page.

The conversion process from visitors to leads can even lead to getting more paying customers, so it’s important to address it in the proper way. CTAs are the first step in the conversion process. They are what starts the conversion as they promote an offer and links which take to your landing page, where the conversion process takes place.

CTA Sequencing

There are many various examples of CTAs, as they are a part of the majority of websites with any interest in the conversion process. Luckily, learning from those examples showed us general practices, which can help us define the best applications for the successful conversion process.

Generally, here are some examples, and only one of those is really able to give the wanted results.

  • CTA > Blog Post > Landing Page
  • Landing Page > CTA > Thank You Page
  • CTA > Landing Page > Thank You Page
  • Blog Post > CTA > Landing Page

As you can see, some of these examples include CTAs with blog posts, which, in practice, don’t really affect conversion rates that much. The second and the third examples include the landing page, but that’s where you need to take your visitors, so the choice is obvious.

The ideal sequencing for a good CTA strategy is to have a call-to-action that takes your visitors to the Landing page, and after they’ve filled out the form, they are taken to the Thank You page to collect the offer.

Best CTA Practices

There are some great practices that have proven to be quite successful in elevating conversion rates. There are 5 major things to keep in mind as noted by freelance web developer Sydney:

  • Standing out – the more your CTA grabs your visitors’ attention, higher conversion rates are imminent. Make sure your CTA is consistent with your website, but it should be quite visible or stand out in best possible way.
  • Action orientation – take care of your wording. If the visitors have to think hard about their next step, then something is wrong. Tell them what to do and aim them in the right direction.
  • On-Page placement – CTAs should stand out, but they should also seem like they are the part of the page. You don’t want CTA buttons to seem like they don’t belong, for it may throw off your visitors from clicking on it.
  • Consistent keywords – if you use the same keywords and phrases for the full conversion process, your visitors understand what to do and where are they going to get. Look at the entire process as a whole and you can get great results.
  • Test changes (A/B testing), analyze results – when experimenting with CTA changes start small. Implement a small change and watch it perform. Changes like color, font style or the wording should all be tried on its own, in order to see what the true results are.

Great goals to have in mind when analyzing your CTA are 1 – 2% click-through-rate and 10% for click-to-submission rates. When your CTA has these numbers, you know you’re doing something right.

Great CTA Examples

We’ve selected a few of the best CTAs that we think do their job great. You can see the different design techniques used to achieve amazing conversion rates.

  • Dropbox – Always simple with a lot of negative space, Dropbox is always aiming at the subtle and simple approach. Thanks to this, their CTAs stand out by merely using the same color as the logo, making their page consistent, and visitors clear of what they should do next.
  • Netflix – Biggest fear when it comes to signing in, for most visitors is – will I be able to cancel my subscription later on? Netflix solved this in a neat way. They have simple, yet quite noticeable CTAs stand out, but the content and the text around it indicate that users are free to “Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime”. This has helped their conversion rates grow significantly.


Creating an enticing CTA can really help any website’s conversion rates expansion, and they can help your business evolve. Using proper techniques and strategies, you can adapt your CTAs in best possible way, and maximize the full potential of your website.



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