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The 5 Most Profitable Business Sectors

Posted by Pamela Swift in Business Ideas


Profitability of a business mainly depends on the industry chosen. Some industries go to past when their lifespan finishes, while the other become popular. This article will mention the 5 most profitable business sectors. Take a look at them and think which one appeals you more than other.

Mobile Businesses

We are not talking about a production of mobile phones or developing the apps. Mobile business are business operating where the customers are, which are instant and easily accessible.

  1. Auto repair

Auto repair services and maintenance are always needed. If you are a skilled worker and have at least a basic knowledge on how to change the oil and refill fluid, then open your mobile the repair service of vehicles. You will be amazed by how much many people can pay for this service.

  1. Food courts

Here your success may depend on a location, service and the variety + quality of food. Make some special dishes that will look appealing and taste deliciously.

  1. Mobile phones repair

Nowadays people are obsessed with their phones. Many of us eat, walk, ride a bicycle and even sleep with gadgets. Therefore, when our phones break, we are ready to spend as much money as needed to bring our phones to life. Mobile phones repair can make you a millionaire in the 21st century!

Businesses oriented on children/students

We live in a fast developing world with the population growing every day. Remember that kids are everywhere because of a baby boom and parents do not want to economize on them. That is why the business sector oriented on children is among the most profitable ones.

  1. Services for post-pregnant mothers and newborn children

Lactation consultants and psychologists for mothers are always in a demand.

  1. Additional courses

Music schools, sport centers and courses of hand-made for children use to be popular for the broadening the knowledge of youngsters and making their lives more fun.

  1. Creating apps

New young generation is knowledgeable in all the electronics. Therefore, if you know how to create an educational and interesting app, then you are more than welcome to do so. Be creative and, therefore, you will become rich!

  1. Custom writings service

Many students want to relax while their work is being written by anybody else. Thus, this business may become profitably for you to open.

Stuff sales

Under the words “Stuff sales” we mean the business sectors that operate selling the touchable items and products.

  1. Clothes & Accessorize

There are quite a lot of shops and malls, where you can buy clothes and accessorize. However, exactly your business can become in the Top if you hire a couple of designers with a good taste. Why not to try?

  1. Equipment for home

Sofas, beds, tables…Everybody needs these items! A market of home equipment is a competitive one but profitable as well!

Online courses

People often want to learn something new to make their lives fuller. Online courses are a good opportunity not only for the users, who can be taught at home, but also for the businessmen, who can economize on rent.

  1. Language courses

English is a Lingua Franca of a modern world, this is the main language of business. Therefore, just hire the native speakers and ask them to teach people from all over the world. Although, English is one of the most popular language today, do not forget about Chinese, Spanish, Russian and a couple of others.

  1. Hobbies

Courses oriented on the hobbies of different people are always worth starting up the business based on. For example, make a website and add some videos on the topics such as cooking, creating the apps, learning how to ride a bicycle and many others. You will earn a lot of money depending on a quantity of “clicks” made on them.

Oil & Gas

The top 15 billionaires in Nigeria and other countries have the businesses in the Oil & Gas sector. This sector has always been the most profitable one. However, it is really hard and expensive to start working in this field.



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