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Article Contributed by Kristina Jaramillo 

My latest article on “How to Mix LinkedIn Marketing with Content Marketing” just got published on

Now, how did I get published on Forbes?

By implementing the same strategies that gained me recognition by the New York Times as a social media expert and got me published inside publications and on websites like Website Magazine. Electronic Retailer Magazine, MarketingProfs, RainToday and many more.

1. I’m actively sharing content that’s written by me – Kristina Jaramillo!

I know that finding the time to create high quality content is one of the biggest challenges facing marketing and communication professionals.  These organizations are looking to fill the gap by curating and aggregating content. The problem is – when you create conversations in social media circles like LinkedIn, you become more of a resource rather than a thought leader. You need to be creating content – and creating thought provoking conversations that take a stance so the prospects and the media will be drawn to you.

2. I go beyond industry news

A recent LinkedIn report shows that decision makers are 11.5 times more engaged with thought leadership articles and best practices on LinkedIn than industry news. So, I take the industry news to the next level. For example, a couple years ago, when a report came out that showed that 92% of the media is on LinkedIn, I wrote an article featured on Bulldog Reporter. In the article I discuss how more journalists, bloggers and other media professionals are on LinkedIn – more than any other network. But more importantly, I educate readers how to build and maintain relationships with the media on LinkedIn. This way there’s relevance

3.  I create discussions on the PR that I generate through LinkedIn and content distribution

By creating discussions based on my articles and my PR, I am displaying my credibility and thought leadership. In fact. here’s an actual email that I recently received from LinkedIn themselves!

Hi Kristina,

We’re hoping to tap into your savvy marketing expertise for LinkedIn’s new eBook, The Definitive Guide to Marketing on LinkedIn (working title).

Your previous post, “Are You Calling Yourself a Marketing Expert on LinkedIn? Then Prove It”  is exactly the kind of in-depth, thought-provoking analysis we’re looking for, and it’s why we immediately thought of you. Would you be interested in getting interviewed and featured in our upcoming ebook?

4. I’m inviting the media to join my LinkedIn group – Get Help with Linked Strategies

Studies show that B2B buyers are 70% ready to make a buying decision before they even speak to sales professionals. They are self-nourishing by reviewing articles, case studies, reviews, videos etc. I believe the media is doing the same thing and that they are 70% sure that they’re going to use an expert’s insights or articles before they approach the expert. Now, when the media is looking to cover a topic around LinkedIn marketing, I want them in my ecosystem.  So I invite media professionals to connect with me and to join my LinkedIn group where they can see the value I can provide. From there, I build and maintain relationships with the media while they see my content on a regular basis. The editor of the Women’s Media column that published my article on is a member of my LinkedIn group – and it took several months of her seeing my content before she was ready to publish my article.

Now If You Want to Attract More PR Like Me with LinkedIn Marketing – You Must Create Content That…

  1. Challenges the way people think or act. For example, in my MarketingProfs article that gained LinkedIn’s interest, I challenged readers to take a good look at their profile and see if they really are proving that they are the expert. As I share in the article, one of my clients was relying on his 40 plus years of experience and his word that he was leading edge.  He was using generic terms that anyone and everyone can and does use on LinkedIn when describing themselves. I challenged the readers to make their LinkedIn profile result oriented and case study driven. Don’t you think article content that goes beyond the norm – will attract both prospects and the media?
  2. Content based on case studies. Within my Forbes article, I shared four different case studies that demonstrated my expertise – and more importantly, my relevance. I shared how Jimena Cortes gained hundreds of leads and $60,000 by merging LinkedIn with content marketing, how Susan Tatum gained 4 new clients by challenging the way IT firms market their solutions, how an international coaching firm attracted more women business owners by telling stories along with how gain I more PR using LinkedIn. Because I shared this article in the different LinkedIn groups, I have women business owner publications wanting my content as well – because they see relevance.
  3. Offers real value and not the same information found all over LinkedIn. Editors and journalists are always looking for new ideas, topics and different spin on old issues. This may require re-defining your prospects’ problems. Most of Coreo’s competitors talk about the negative consequences security breaches. There are already so many doom-and-gloom videos and other types of content that depict lost revenue, lost customers, brand damage, and penalties that it’s almost a waste of time to bring them up at all. So instead of talking about security breaches, they redefined their prospects’ problems based on “unwanted traffic” like a competitor continually checking your prices to update their own.

Now, are you ready to start getting more publicity for your firm using LinkedIn and content marketing?

About the Author:

LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo (Founder of helps B2B organizations, professional service firms and small business owners get even more exposure for the publicity they generate. To see how you should be mixing LinkedIn marketing with content marketing and PR, download Kristina’s interview with LinkedIn’s senior content marketing manager at:



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