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eLearning Industry says the e-learning market is “growing at an unprecedented rate”.

Large corporations are turning to e-learning to train employees, and more and more entrepreneurs are starting to build businesses from online courses.

It’s safe to say that selling online courses is becoming A Thing.

An entrepreneur has many options to choose from if he wants to offer online content for profit, but most avenues involve pain in setting them up because up until recently, business owners would need different technologies to do everything that was needed to be done and getting all services to play together nicely was not for the feint hearted.

Newer technology is simplifying things, and for start-ups or small to medium sized businesses, the Kajabi technology makes things easier than ever before by offering everything under one roof: building, selling online courses and marketing them.

This article provides a brief look at how this new system simplifies developing an online content for profit venture.

Why setting up online courses can be a major source of frustration

The reason for the plethora of services and technologies that was needed, was that for an entrepreneur to achieve success with an online course business, they would need individual services for:

•A website where the course would be housed.
•A method of delivering course content.
•Payment gateway systems to collect payments.
•To hire a web designer so that the website would look professional.
•Visitors to arrive at the website after an Internet search.
•Traffic that arrived at the website due to marketing activities.
•Email marketing software to collect email addresses for marketing purposes.
•To spend money on an additional service in order to build landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Usually, not possessing all the know-how about how to make all of this work together, the business owner would need to employ someone to set it all up for them. And then, and only then, could they begin loading the actual course content.

How the Kajabi technology simplifies selling online courses

Kajabi is innovative technology (more on why in a mo); their customers attest to the fact that the platform obliterates the pain of setting up and selling online courses. This is because this technology provides an all-in-one solution for entrepreneurs who just want to get their stuff “out there” without the hassle.

The Kajabi platform spearheads e-learning for the small to medium sized business by not only offering a way in which to easily deliver online content, but also by providing everything needed to set up, manage and market online courses. This eliminates the need for entrepreneurs to 1) look elsewhere for any other services required to build and profit from selling online content, and 2) fiddle around with clumsy attempts at integrating it all to make it work.

All in one – the Kajabi platform provides everything that’s needed, all under one roof in one dashboard.

The technology that’s leading the pack offers business owners:

•A themed website which is used as the core to all marketing activities, as well as the platform to house and sell courses.
•An SEO friendly website, which helps bring in more traffic.
•Blogging platform in order to offer visitors value, enhance credibility and attract more traffic.
•Ability to present material in two ways: either online, or via drip content by email.
•Pre-designed landing pages by the pros, so that all the owner needs to do is tweak things so it works the way they want it to work. Landing pages are central to online marketing, but need to be designed properly otherwise they will not convert people from mere readers into paid customers.
•Email marketing functionality. No need to use a 3rd party service for this.
•Offer digital downloads as marketing “hooks”.
•Coupons to run specials, which is also a marketing tactic.

Set up coupons from the Kajabi dashboard

•Affiliate program, which enables entrepreneurs to make more money.
•To collect payments from anywhere in the world.
•Set up monthly subscriptions to earn recurring amounts.

The simplified process

The Kajabi technology has been built so that business owners would kick off the system process by adding course content, either in text, video, audio, images and downloads, in a blog-like editor, in a kind of post format.

To organize lessons, use Categories to lump the posts into an arranged lesson plan. Add categories in any way you like.

Add announcements about anything like webinars, change of pricing, new courses, etc. The system can simplify things further by emailing announcements to members, or they can read them on the website.

Now you just need to make any small changes to how your website looks, and then you can open the course to the world. Select the Appearance tab to choose a free theme to customize.

Choose a website theme appearance and tweak it.

Simply add your Stripe account, set your pricing and there you go. Done ‘n dusted.

What’s left to do is to make sure the right people learn about what you’re offering, so head on over to the Marketing tab where you can develop customized landing pages and forms that will start building your email list.

The Kajabi marketing dashboard includes landing pages, opt-in forms, broadcasts, and email workflows

Broadcast messages to people who have indicated interest, and then, from the People tab, check out details about those who have bought your courses, communicate to anyone specifically, and monitor member’s course progress on lessons.


•The Kajabi technology is an all-in-one solution for building an entire business from scratch.
Building is easier and faster than other e-learning methods.
•The business owner only needs to pay one price for everything needed to build successful online courses.
•The Kajabi system helps get more traffic to the course site because it is built for search engines.
•The system allows for customization so things can look as desired.



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