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Social media has become a very powerful tool for promoting ideas, marketing concepts, and actualizing product branding. Companies who want to take advantage of social media to develop and grow their brands need to take into considering the opportunities that lie in social chain. A powerful social chain essentially utilizes creative methods, strategy, influencers, and events to engage people on social media. To succeed, you must understand the language of your audience, offer them something unique and be ready to communicate your brand in the most creative way you can ever imagine.

Come Up With Something Creative

Being creative is not easy. You have to be some mind reader of a sort in one hand and a genius in another. Your social chain campaign has to stand out, engage people and be very entertaining. You can begin your creative desire by searching for viral and award winning campaigns to see what other people are doing. Take your time to work and build a big idea. You may think that the bigger and more creative your idea is the more people it will attract, however most social campaign ideas are actually very simple and straightforward.

Have a Strategy

The success of your strategy will depend on the kind of people on your team. If you don’t already have one you need to set up a group of intelligent, creative, hardworking and passionate people. Identify your business goals and build your strategy in a way that will satisfy it. Not every marketing campaign can work for you, come up with something that specifically deals with your marketing objectives and targeted towards your specific consumer base.

Take Advantage of Influencers

Influencers are celebrities, content creators and social media stars that have a large following and are committed to a particular style of publishing. Whatever you do, there are social media influencers out there that can help spread the news about your campaign and get millions of people to like your page within a very short time. Making use of influencers generates high-quality leads, improve search ranking, engage new target audiences, drive conversion and build trust between the senegence distributor and the audience. Also, influencer marketing is native, so it performs better than traditional ads, increase your ROI and offer immense opportunity to do something differently.

Understand your Audience

Knowing your audience is key to your social media campaign. Do a little research about the kind of people following you and try to come up with the ideas they will find more interesting and fun. Remember, everyone is looking for something that will give them excitement and make them feel they belong, something they can share with family and friends. Conducting a market or online consumer behavior survey might be necessary. Check comments, likes, and shares and conduct interviews if and when possible.

Make Use of All Avenues

One good thing about social media is the various platforms available. When carrying out your social chain, make use of all the social media platforms that are relevant to your campaign strategy, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. Take advantage of tools that allow you to attach timing to your postings so you can deliver it to your audience exactly when most of them are available online.

Your social chain has to be well thought out before you get it out there. You don’t want to send it out only for people to point out errors. Know your audience, come up with a creative plan and put up a strategy that is unique and unbeatable. Make use of social media platforms relevant to your business and deliver a message people will be talking about for a long time.



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