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Having remote employees is becoming a standard among entrepreneurs. The concept has opened up opportunities to tap into a talent pool that may not be available locally. Also, with reduced overhead operational that demands significant budget allocation in a conventional office-based venture, entrepreneurs are being open to implementing distant working policies.

But managing staffers who are not present in the office has its own unique set of challenges. Mentioned below are some of the pitfalls of having a distributed team that can breed dissatisfaction and frustration among employees.

  1. Money Transfer Problems

Managing international salaries can be costly for your business because of the transfer fees involved. Banks usually charge a high commission on international wire payments. While freelancer service websites provide payment solutions where they accept the responsibility of transferring money from your account to the account of the remote worker, they too charge a high commission and the recipient has to go through multiple steps before being able to receive payments.

But entrepreneurs still go for these options because they’re not aware of Ria Money Transfer and other similar options. These often-neglected options provide you with a straightforward way to transfer money globally while charging low fees and providing great rates. Such options also benefit the recipient as they’re able to choose whether they want the funds to go in their bank account directly or they want to pick up cash from a specific location.

  1. Time Zone Problems

Managing a remote workforce requires you to cover the globe, in terms of time zones. It implies working with people in areas where the time is different from the time in your country. So, if there’s a work-related problem on your end and the fix lies with the remote team, you may have to wait until they’re awake to resolve the issue.

To avoid time zone issues, you must mention in the job description the origin of your company and your preferred time for communication with remote employees. This will give potential staffers an idea that as a company, you have a specific work schedule even though you’ll be logging in remotely. Experienced remote workers are familiar with such conditions.

  1. Personal Communication Problems

Lack of personal communication (face-to-face meetings, for instance) is a usual challenge you’ll encounter when managing a remote workforce. Face-to-face communication with employees ensures that the workers are in tune with the goal of your venture and their values align with your culture. It also encourages employees to stride towards the end goal as they develop a strong relationship with their employers.

If your resources allow, conduct in-person meetings periodically. If that isn’t an option, face-to-face virtual meetings is a viable alternative to stay connected. Solutions like file sharing services and video conferencing will enable you to communicate and collaborate with your employees more effectively. They also enable staffers to get together and share their thoughts, which can encourage team building.

  1. Hiring Challenges

Although many candidates will be willing to work from home and insist they love doing so, the truth is not everyone is suited to this lifestyle. If it is the first time for an employee to work remotely, he/she may develop feelings of isolation, which would affect their productivity as well as the productivity of your business. That’s why it’s critical to find people with some remote working experience.

To overcome this challenge, you’ll need to get more thorough while interviewing people. Sharp attention to detail will enable you to spot a wrong recruit and avoid restarting the entire hiring process all over. Give final candidates deadlines and mock assignments to gain greater insight on how well they’re suited for your company.

These tips will ensure you manage a remote team without stresses.



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