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Fears concerning what the consequences of Brexit’s aftermath will mean to businesses looms large over both small and large UK business owners, and landlords are not exempted from these post-Brexit worries. But UK landlords need not fear so much especially since there are ways they can expand their enterprise as well as their source of profit.

Most times, when landlords feel their profit margins are threatened, their first move is to increase the rentof their tenants. This places a heavy toll on tenants and atimes leads to a landlord’s property becoming undesirable and unaffordable for many. This in turn often leads to a lose-lose scenario for both landlord and tenant as tenants become unable to afford the property’s high rent and the high-priced rooms stop yielding profit because they are empty.

Increasing rent without forethought might not yield desired results, so instead of raising rent simply to protect their income, post-Brexit UK landlords can attempt expanding their income with any of the following;

  1. Renting out other forms of property.

If a landlord is currently renting out homes, rooms, or apartments, such alandlord can consider including shops to his/her least of available properties. People rent space for a variety of needs asides from where to live and landlords can take advantage of this by making available more properties to satisfy these needs. Instead of focusing on satisfying one aspect of the property market, landlords can look to expand their business by providing for other aspects of the market that aren’t yet fully catered for.

  1. Renting out vans

Vans have become one of the most common vehicles you can find on UK roads and their numbers are likely to only rise. This is because UK people, especially business owners, have found many ways to use vans to their advantage. But not many business owners, especially start-ups, can afford to outright own a van. Landlords can take advantage of the ongoing UK van trend by providing van rental services. Owning a fleet of vans and making them available to either business owners or private persons for their individual needs isn’t only a great way for landlords to increase their profitability but also boost the UK economy by providing affordable equipment (vans) to businesses that need it. This sort of business idea will be most appropriate for a landlord who has property with a lot of free space that can be used as a parking lot for the fleet of vans.

  1. Moving services

Since landlords have tenants moving in and out of their properties on a fairly regular basis, they can provide packing, loading, and unloading services to both tenants and anyone else that requires the service. Helping people transport their belongings is a great businessidea because it ties in to the accommodation services the landlord already provides.

Asides from seeking other business opportunities, UK landlords can also protect their property investments by becoming better landlords. By following a proper landlord guide, a landlord is assured of attaining the most profit from his/her property while avoiding irrecoverable losses.



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