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Posted by Pamela Swift in Success Attitude

Article Contributed by John Bittleston 

One of my colleagues once described a mutual friend as having ‘infectious enthusiasm’, a lovely description and a great compliment. The person so described was full of beans and their enthusiasm was catching. Just being in the presence of such a person is a privilege. Enthusiasm will make you friends but it will not make you a fortune.

It requires more to drive a business. I call the mixture GUSTO. Two doses taken daily will transform your life.

If your life is transformed, so will be the lives of all the people around you. Here’s how it works.

GUSTO is a combination of guts, enthusiasm, energy, drive and Sheer Bloody-Mindedness. Ever seen a baby demanding attention? If so, you’ve seen SBM. How do we set about practicing GUSTO?

First, we must care deeply about everybody and everything. We must care about success. We must care about money, too, but not to the exclusion of other things. We must care about standards – personal, business, quality, service. We must care about demonstrating those standards. If you have not read the story of how James Dyson invented and marketed a new design of vacuum cleaner, you should do so. He is a model of passionate care.

Genuine, passionate care creates fortunes

Next we must give. There’s an old saying that you get out what you put in. It’s not true. If you put in very little you get out nothing. If you put in a lot you get out much more than you put in. Why do some people succeed and others not? The successful have generosity of spirit, an ability to give. They may appear careful, even mean sometimes. Their life style will be magnanimous.

Unstinting generosity creates fortunes

It is vital, too, that we have, and stick to, our opinions and beliefs. Not in a dogmatic, closed-minded way but in a way that prevents us from changing our views with each new bit of information. We all know vacillating managers who change direction more often than an outback swarm of locusts. They may consume everything on which they alight but they will die in the end. Not enough singleness of purpose.

Standards, resolutely pursued and strongly maintained, create fortunes

We do however need to have regard to the feelings and concerns of others. Infectious enthusiasm is compatible with sensitivity. Sensitivity guides us to the correct timing of what we want to achieve.

Timing with sensitivity creates fortunes

We need help to create a fortune in the form of expertise, advice, guidance, practical work and support. As John Steinbeck put it: “The last, clear definite function of Man, muscles aching to work, minds aching to create beyond the single need. This is Man.” Enthusiastic, magnanimous managers call for help when they need it.

Other peoples’ help is vital in creating fortunes

So, to sum up. What is it that creates fortunes?

  • Genuine, passionate care.
  • Unstinting generosity.
  • Standards strongly maintained.
  • Timing with sensitivity.
  • Other peoples’ help.

Hello. That spells GUSTO, doesn’t it?

About the Author

Founded 20 years ago by Mentor, Business CEO and Author John Bittleston, TerrificMentors is a group of skilled mentors and coaches with considerable management experience who share a passion for reviving human spirits and balance sheets; the two often go together.



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