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Finding The Right Company Car

Posted by Pamela Swift in Operations

Purchasing cars for you employees can be a huge expense, especially if you aren’t a large corporation that can make deals with car manufacturers. But, it is sometimes necessary. If your employees travel often, it is important to provide them with means of transportation. I am here to give you some quick and easy ways to find the right cars for your company.

  1. Do your research.

One of the most important things you can do for you and your company is to do research on the cars you are buying. I recommend doing this for a number of reasons. The first is that there are thousands of cars out there. Finding the right brand, make or model can be very overwhelming. One of the websites I often use before making a car purchase is They are a great resource to see a huge selection of cars in one place. Additionally, I love to utilize their review features to see the pros and cons of popular vehicles. Another reason I suggest performing research is to get the right price on your car. Because car prices are often negoitable, it pays off to be educated on your potential purchase. This is especially important if you are shopping for used cars. Performing research will help you know the impact the number of miles has on the price of a car.

  1. Buy in bulk.

Buying bulk is a great way to save money. Whether you are buying 2 or 50, buying more than one car will save you money. Dealerships and companies are looking to sell as many as possible. So when you approach a seller looking to buy multiple vehicles it is important that you tell them upfront. From there, they are often willing to sell you each at a lower price or as a group for a discount. This is a great way to save money on your company car purchase. But, it is important when you buy in bulk to purchase all the cars from the same location or company. You cannot get the same deals if you don’t do this.

  1. Buy the same cars.

When purchasing company cars, buying all the same cars may not be an important factor that comes to mind. But, buying all of the same brand, make and model of cars can save you on a lot of expenses. As stated before, buying the same cars will save you money via bulk discounts. In addition, purchasing the same cars will save you money when it comes to car maintenance. When you buy all of the same car, they are all on the same page. So, when lights burn out, something breaks or a car needs new tires, you can save time and money using the same repair products and maintenance company. With the same cars, you aren’t in a constant search to find a new repair man for that type of vehicle or paying more money for a specific light. Buying the same cars can help you save money and simplify to process.

  1. Buy a trustworthy car.

When you do your research, you should make sure the car you are buying is safe, holds up well and is good quality. These are key factors when you are buying multiple of the same vehicle. If the cars are known to break, be unsafe or is bad quality, the cost of the car will quickly add up. So, it is important to check for these factors early on when are looking into buying company cars. Though buying the cheapest car will cost you the least amount of money upfront, if the car is known to break, it will be way more expensive in the long run. These factors may not always come to mind, but over the years I have learned their increasing relevance to company car shopping.

Car shopping can be stressful and overwhelming, no matter who, how many or what kind you are shopping for. When it comes to company cars, the price goes up and so does the stress. It is important to take your time when shopping for a company car to find the right fit. If you are looking into purchasing cars for your company, be sure to check out this list before you do so. Buying cars for your employees is a hefty purchase and it is important to take the right steps in order to get find the perfect car. Doing your research, buying in bulk, buying the same cars and buying trustworth cars are four very important factors to apply when you are company car shopping.



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