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Search engine optimization may seem complicated and confusing for most new entrepreneurs. With various experts discussing different strategies, it is easy to get lost and end up nowhere. The truth is that SEO is the best bet that can undoubtedly increase your probability of being found online in relevant customer searches on Google, Bing, and other major search engines.

While thinking of implementing SEO on your online operations, you may come across various terminologies and jargons like social media, responsive website, hybrid apps and cloud storage. So, it is essential to know the basics to find ideal solutions based on your actual requirements.

SEO is crucial for start-up businesses as it is the most cost-effective mode of reaching to masses and get new business. However, it is not an overnight affair to succeed in SEO, but it needs patience and time to do it right.

Types of SEO

There are two primary categories of search engine optimization:

  • On-page: It includes optimization of everything on a webpage. This includes everything from the words in the content, to the code, HTML, meta tags and so on.
  • Off page: As the name suggests, everything off a web page. This typically includes link building, blogging and so on to influence the users.

If you are new to the world of SEO, and you want to incorporate it into your marketing efforts, you need to know the answers to the most primary questions that most entrepreneurs have about this particular branch of digital marketing. 

  1. What does SEO mean for a company?

Only knowing the abbreviation is not enough to understand how SEO works for businesses. In terms of promotions, SEO has two interwoven elements as a ‘content’ element and a ‘website development’ element. Content refers to the copywriting of a website consisting of relevant keywords. This means you should create your content to grab the attention of the search engine so that your site gets displayed in the SERPs.

Web elements consist of categories, metadata, captions, and tags. This is how you label your website and pages for easy categorization by the search engines. A ground-level study is required pre-implementation to plan the content and other site elements for optimization.

  1. What is SEO Content?

SEO writing is the next big challenge entrepreneurs confront while planning for search engine optimization. For this, it becomes essential to hire a professional content developer who understands the nature and priorities of your business and has an excellent understanding of the latest algorithms and keywords. An ideal SEO writer clearly understands the business goals and the perfect language for promotions to fuse these in a natural way to ensure optimum search performance.

  1. How much delay is there in the process?

Entrepreneurs often avoid SEO thinking that it will cause their site to experience significant downtime. In truth, the only time your site may be offline is when the experts are making changes to the code of the website to make it more user-friendly. Changing or updating site content barely takes much time to cause any disruption.

  1. How soon can you expect results?

For the entrepreneur concerned about SEO pricing, business is primarily all about the bottom line. An ideal SEO strategy must be able to help a web page to enhance its ranking instantly. However, nowadays you need to keep in mind that paid ranking is a barrier in organic SEO.

Organic SEO may be able to take you to the first page but to grab the top five positions, you may have to make a significant investment. For organic SEO, you need to put in a focused and consistent effort over time to see any major results. Usually, the SEO experts say it will take anywhere from six months to one year for you to see the initial signs.

  1. How to know if SEO is working?

One of the primary things about new-age SEO is that the site administrators can now easily figure out the number of visitors and rate of conversions by tracking the search to site. There are many tools available for SEO analytics for the entrepreneurs to monitor the traffic and the actual source of their traffic. Improved rankings and increased number of site visits imply your SEO success.

  1. How frequent should you track performance?

Based on the industry and changing market trends, there is a need to revise or revisit SEO strategies now and then. You can track your progress every six to twelve months based on the shift in business goals and the market movements. However, the off page SEO efforts need to be revisited from time to time to ensure that the experts are implementing the most relevant industry practices on time.

  1. Is 100% success predictable in SEO?

As an entrepreneur, you may come across many SEO providers offering 100% ensured results over three months’ time. However, these are pure marketing gimmicks, and when it comes to SEO, never invest in deals that you find as too good to be true. There is no such 100% guarantee in SEO. The service providers can implement the best strategies to ensure success, but there is still no surety that it will take you on to the top.

Now you got the answers for the major questions every new entrepreneur has in his or her mind while approaching SEO. However, the concept and practices in this field are changing day by day. So it is essential for SEO experts and entrepreneurs, relying on such techniques, to keep updated about the latest development.

Choosing an SEO provider for your website is also a task that requires utmost care and research. There are plenty of SEO services now, ranging from individual freelancers to top-notch digital marketing firms. As a business owner with the need to hire an SEO service, you have to be very clear about your baseline requirement and the budget to hire the right SEO services. You can refer to to get a better insight into effective business SEO planning.



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