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Article Contributed by Scott Quinlan

As an entrepreneur trying to grow and expand the business, it is very easy to get so deeply involved in running the show and tending to your customers that you can take your eye of the ball when it comes to maintaining a good first impression for your business.

First Impressions Count

As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” and this is especially true if you are operating a retail business in particular. How you present your store front will determine who decides to walk through the door and become a customer. It is very easy to lose sight of the great effort and detail you went to when the store opened to make it look as appealing and exciting as possible in order to attract customers. Take a step back on a regular basis and ask yourself if you were a customer walking by, would you want to go in that store?  This is even more important if you are combining bricks and mortar with clicks and mortar as you chance to make an impression with customers online is a matter of seconds before they click away from your web page.

Keep it Fresh

Think about changing the layout and content as regularly as possible to keep it fresh, without losing the original appeal that drew customers to you in the first place. Sites such as are a good source of ideas and inspiration as to how to present your e-commerce side of the business.

Every Business is a People Business

Even if you have a real killer product or service to offer, if your attitude or the staff who are fronting your business do not make the effort to treat each visitor to the store or office as someone they value and want a business relationship with, you are not only making it harder to get a sale, you are also damaging the long term prospects of keeping them as a client or customer. Think about how you and your staff are presenting themselves and remember that the impression you give is a reflection of the business and people like dealing with people that they make a connection with, meaning that a good and loyal customer relationship will hopefully follow as a result of your efforts. Take a look at as a good pointer and reminder for you and your staff that people skills are a vital part of giving a good impression for your business.

Smarten up your Office

If you are running a service business and have customers come and see you in your office then you also want to make sure that the environment you are working in looks well organised and efficient. A well designed and well laid out office will not only make the staff working there feel happier and more motivated, that enthusiasm and positive vibe will transmit itself to any visitors who come calling. Showing that you care about how any staff are treated creates a strong impression and a tidy office shows that you are on top of your paperwork and running an efficient operation. Take a look at for some ideas on how to make the most of your office space.

The important message is to never become complacent no matter how well the business is doing and always have the mindset to treat every customer that walks through the door as a potential new client even when they already do business with you. That way you are demonstrating that you want their business and are keen to develop a long term relationship, which can only be good for the bottom line.

About the Author

Scott Quinlan is a business consultant. He enjoys sharing his ideas on various business blogs about how businesses can use simple methods to get the edge on their competitors. Visit Impact to see the difference they can make to your business.



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