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Creating Your Logo: The Fundamentals

Posted by Pamela Swift in Starting Up

Article Contributed by Rosanie Martinez

Many new or aspiring entrepreneurs know the importance of a company logo. As a matter of fact, ask any new (and young) entrepreneur about the first things they did, and there’s a good chance that one of the first things they worked on was a logo that should be easy to recognise and works well in building their overall reputation from the start.

When creating a logo, one of the things you should do is to go on a search engine to check out big and small companies and their logos. In the process, you will find logos and elements that look great, and you might want to create something similar or incorporate those elements to your logo. While it’s generally a good idea to incorporate what works, you should only do so if it helps articulate whatever message the logo needs to convey. Otherwise, the symbol is rendered meaningless.

What’s Your Message?

Ultimately, the process of logo creation involves translating your message—your business’s purpose—into an image. So make sure that you know the reason why you’re running that kind of business in particular. To make the purpose of your business crystal clear to you, you need to write a clear mission and vision statement.

Logo creation also involves deciding on what distinct ‘personality’ your company should have. Is it serious, or is it lighthearted? What ‘quirks’ does your company alone have? What types of customers are you targeting?

Standing Out

Find a logo that’s similar to yours? Look for a way to make your logo different from that logo. Adding another element is the best way you can go about doing this.


The logo should work on Banner Pen, a business card, a billboard, or on the siding of a truck. It must be scalable, memorable, distinct, and easy to reproduce. While your logo can include a silhouette or even an illustration of something that represents your product or service, it might become indecipherable once reduced or enlarged significantly. So if you have an illustration on your logo, consider changing it.

You should also make sure that the logo you create is one that you can reproduce in black and white. This way, all elements of the logo are still clear even if photocopied, faxed, or used in an ad with only black and white colours.

Mind Your Company Name (and the Nature of Your Business), Please

If your company specialises in the creation and sales of jewelry, you are better off creating a classy logo. If the word ‘lighting’ is part of your company name, you can make an illustration of a light bulb part of your logo.

Beware of Clip Art and Stock Logos

While the use of stock logos and clip art can be tempting due to their accessibility, they are so easy to copy. And because they are so easy to copy, using them makes it even more difficult to stand out among your competitors. With original art, you not only stand out among other businesses similar to yours, you make a better impression of your company.

Notes on Current Logo Trends

Do you have an existing logo you think looks out of style? Avoid redesigning an existing logo just because you feel that you should adapt to new trends in logos. By doing so, you risk alienating your present and future customers from your brand. However, if you believe you should make changes, implement each element gradually.

Other Things You Need to Know About Logo Creation and Conclusion

While a logo with many colours is beautiful on a screen, the cost of transferring it to a stationery can be very high. It may also not look that good. For this reason, it’s better that your logo have only a maximum of three colours, unless you really think it’s important that your logo have more than three colours.

Logo design is serious business, so be prepared to pay the logo designer in the thousands. Fortunately, spending that much is not necessary, what with the many freelance designers you can find online. But make sure to hire someone who is familiar with the kind of business you run. Professionals with such knowledge know how your logo SHOULD look like.



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