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The 4-Hour Shirk Week #entrepreneurfail

Posted by Marcel Sim in Work Life

New Webcomics series brought to you by #entrepreneurfail and Enjoy! Now don’t get me wrong…I really like Tim Ferriss and his books, hacks, and inspirational goals. He seems to polarize with his material though: either you love his material or are secretly cursing him for making you feel like an underachiever. This post is a public […]

The time changed for most of the U.S. last weekend. We “fell back.” How does this change affect you? Pretty much like any change does. Here are 3 Timely Strategies to Positive Change: Acknowledge the Change Like most change, the reversal back to Standard Time came without our permission. Congress extended Daylight Savings Time without […]

Most business professionals today that we coach are overwhelmed. They get to the end of the day with an ever expanding to-do list and fall exhausted into the evening commute. They return the next morning after reversing the commute and fall exhausted into their desk chair, thinking, “Here we go again…” And yet there are […]

Late one night, in a hotel somewhere in Europe, I was watching the only channel that has programming in English.  I only watch television when I’m travelling, away from chores, clients on the other side of the world and wonderful warm family distractions; I put on the television, for company! Usually I end up hearing […]

Announcements of office parties are met with either go-for-it’s or groans. The go-for-it’s are the ones who enjoyed last year’s party or just look forward to any social experience. The groans are the persons who remember last year’s with disdain or generally avoid socializing with their work mates. Whichever you are, here are your 3 […]

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