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When so much is dependent on you, and when you are juggling multiple balls in the air at once and not only that, but you are totally convinced that the big deal will come through at any moment, why do you need a vacation? A vacation, time off when it’s near impossible even to have […]

As I left our home and drove around the mountain, fog enveloped me quickly. Unexpectedly. There was no sign of fog when I pulled out of our garage. The business environment changes that quickly, also, particularly with what influences our customers’ and clients’ lives. For example, the shooting down of the Malaysia airliner over the […]

Do you feel overwhelmed by the day to day rush of your life and your business? Are you sick and tired of wishing there were more hours to the day? I can so relate. I have to admit, I don’t have a fix-it-quick solution, or a magic pill. But don’t despair – I do have […]

You know what it’s like.  You walk into the office and the receptionist says, ‘good morning, how are you?’  And then you walk on and the first person you see says the same thing. In fact many people throughout your day will say some version of ‘hi, how are you?’ And of course, they don’t […]

We arrived in plenty of time, exactly three hours before we were due to take off.  There was no security check, surprisingly enough, and then they told us that the flight was cancelled. We could have just gone home and waited for them to call when they figured out if and when the flight would […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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