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Is Gamification A Fad?

Posted by Pamela Swift in Uncategorized

For years, business owners have been implementing different methods and incentives to keep employees motivated to work hard and strive for success. While traditional rewards like Employee of the Month plaques, weekend travel opportunities, gift cards and cash certificates still hold weight when it comes to incentive initiatives, many businesses are capitalizing on modern technology […]

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The relationships we have with our customers are the most important assets we possess. Easy to understand and take care of, right? I encounter a great deal of customer service and disservice as I travel. I have discovered 3 Ways to Give Positive Customer Service from these experiences. Listen As my assistant made reservations for […]

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Your customers aren’t sure what to expect from you right now. Election year uncertainty casts a negative anxiety over doing business that political ads only exacerbate. Customers aren’t sure who cares, who to trust, and who is on their side. How do you engage this adversity so as to increase sales, and get greater productivity […]

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