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To Manage … Or To Lead?

Posted by Marcel Sim in Teamwork

Article Contributed by Colleen Slaughter A client of mine recently received a lot of pressure at work from one of her supervisors to accept an overseas position.  Don’t get me wrong, the position itself was quite attractive:  a promotion and all the trappings that come with an evolution of this sort, international exposure, and – […]

You may be starting out as a sales manager or have gotten to the limit of wearing those multiple hats for your ever expanding business. Now’s the time to begin hiring and growing your sales team, if that’s the case then take some of these notes below and start building the foundations of a truly […]


Three Ways to Positively Win at Work

Posted by Marcel Sim in Teamwork

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette  Regardless of who you pulled for in the Super Bowl this past Sunday, you have to admire Peyton Manning. This five-time MVP has recovered from adversity, been criticized and told his passes look like “ducks,” and yet holds numerous records and is humble with a sense of humor. What are […]

You have been on a team before and wondered, “Why am I on this team?” Or, you’ve hired someone, put him on the team, and asked, “Why did I do that?” Regardless of which side of the hiring desk you find yourself, there is a guaranteed way to insure you make a Work Positive Dream […]


Top Tips for Maintaining Staff Motivation

Posted by Marcel Sim in Teamwork

When it comes to running a successful business, there are few factors that are more important than the motivation of your own staff. Keep in mind that your employees are the ones who are doing a large amount of work with regards to the various projects that your company is trying to complete. Motivated employees […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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