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3 Keys to Profit from Change

Posted by Marcel Sim in Success Attitude

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette Days are getting shorter. It’s dark when I wake up and gets dark earlier at day’s end. The temperatures are cooler in the mornings. The seasons are changing… …and apparently no one cares what I think about it because no one called or emailed to ask. I have no […]

    Make a to-do list. And then crush that shit. If you’re like me, administrative tasks seem menial and mundane. But an organization can’t run without the completion of these tasks (and more importantly, efficient completion). So make a list of priorities and start checking things off. You know that old adage “don’t put […]

The annual U.S. celebration of the Declaration of Independence’s signing is this week. While many just eat hot dogs and watch fireworks, let’s Work Positive and discover 3 strategies from the Founding Fathers’ experience that we can use to achieve our own positive business independence. Attention The U.S. Founding Fathers viewed “taxation without representation” as […]

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette  The All Stars align for the National and American League All-Star Major League baseball teams this week. So how are they chosen? And what can you learn about how you can positively be an All-Star in your business? Here are 3 Ways you can grow your business so you […]

I’ve been pondering the secrets of successful business and why some entrepreneurs are wildly successful while others are just plodding away and ‘getting by’. As my day unfolded and I observed some of my very own crazy behavior, I realized that it was a very cool mirror for this very question. The answer has to […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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