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They say that nothing succeeds like success. There is definitely some truth in that. When one achieves a small success, it tends to raise their energy and enthusiasm, which in turn, gets poured into the next effort. That effort is more likely to be successful because of the added energy from the previous success. And […]

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can help you in many areas of life, from your relationships to the way you approach learning. Entrepreneurs who take an interest in personal psychology can reap serious benefits. A study into the psychology of entrepreneurship by Barclays Bank made clear that entrepreneurs are not a homogenous group. They are […]

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Sure, you know you have to create a solid business plan, market your business well, and stand out against competitors when you have are growing a startup. But, there are secrets that other entrepreneurs don’t share as much. Why? Because they’re the true keys to success as a small business and, perhaps, learning all the […]

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8 Entrepreneurial Success Strategies

Posted by Pamela Swift in Success Attitude

Article Contributed by Mila Payton It is not very difficult to undertake an unsuccessful business. Lack of devotion or abilities, as well as the factors out of your control can create a situation in which business success could be categorized as a miracle. In some other times, failure to spot and exploit a unique market […]

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How many times you’ve considered to make a plan B while starting a new business? Many of you might have done, right? But what if you haven’t prepared any plan B? First, you won’t have any option to survive if something goes wrong with your plan A. And you’ll be more inclined to work your […]

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