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You know the scene, it’s 2 hours after the deadline, you reckon you can slip it in late, but your house is really, really clean. You get the picture.  You have this article to write and it has to be in by the 20th.  You open up a shiny, clean new page (real or virtual) […]

I woke up at 4.30am with my heart pounding, completely disoriented and with no idea why I felt such panic. Then I remembered, it was the big day. The day I had been planning for for over 9 months, it was the big event. I tried to fall back asleep but realized it was useless. […]

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette While studying Great Depression businesses created by successful entrepreneurs, I discovered five core practices that were daily habits for them. They asked themselves five questions daily that charted their course to success. You become a successful business person, also, by asking yourself these same five questions daily: What Am I […]

Interruptions intrude everywhere into your daily flow: marriage conversations (and other intimate activities if you have children at home), phone conversations, and your work flow. Research indicates that it takes you anywhere from 10-20 minutes to re-engage fully with the task you abandoned when interrupted. So if you encounter 3 interruptions daily at work, that’s […]


3 Keys to Profit from Change

Posted by Marcel Sim in Success Attitude

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette Days are getting shorter. It’s dark when I wake up and gets dark earlier at day’s end. The temperatures are cooler in the mornings. The seasons are changing… …and apparently no one cares what I think about it because no one called or emailed to ask. I have no […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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