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The snow finally melted to reveal a spring-like day. The calendar called my wife and I to activity—to act on our plans for the blueberry bushes to grow fruit. Positively successful people understand that it’s a process to grow personally and professionally. They Work Positive with themselves and their business to bear fruit. They do […]

Ever find yourself striving to Work Positive and your Eeyore Vampire boss is doing everything he can to prevent it? You’re in good company. Negative bosses—Eeyore Vampires—swoop in with alarming consistency on our coaching clients despite their best efforts to Work Positive. How do you deal with them to increase your sales with greater productivity […]

Spring is here! Warmer weather, flowers everywhere and a fresh feeling in the air. Whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover or any other seasonal festival, the chances are you’ve been doing some cleaning and sorting, organizing and maybe disposing. I love that it’s the perfect opportunity to think about what we really need; what […]

No one can ever say that having a home based business is boring! Between quieting barking dogs, refereeing your children’s fights, and answering the phone and the doorbell, it can sometimes be hard to get anything done — no matter how well you visualize, set goals, and plan your day. And it can be equally […]

It was mid-afternoon; I had a lot on my mind. I suspect it was the usual mix of meetings, project deadlines, kids’ appointments, chores not yet done and the constant everyday clock ticking that told me, ‘get home quick.’ As I rounded the corner, leaving the center of the village, the old woman stepped out […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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