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Article Contributed by Ved Raj Taking your startup to the next level can be daunting and frustrating to say the least. Constantly evolving and taking your business to the next level is very important. The right strategies for growth and evolution may not be the same for every business model, but there are some ground rules […]

The aura surrounding a startup in contracting is buzzing with potential, excitement, and momentum. Finding yourself in one is like setting things into warp drive. The time it takes between idea and conception goes so fast that before you know it you’re no longer buzzing but facing very harsh realities about what the future holds […]


Start Ups 101: Fixing Cash Flow Woes

Posted by Marcel Sim in Starting Up

While you would think lack of sales would be the number one money problem a start up may face, more often than not, the top spot goes to cash flow issues. Money is being made, but not being managed properly, and when this happens, your business will suffer greatly. Fixing cash flow issues requires a […]


Tech Start-up Guide for New Jersey

Posted by Marcel Sim in Starting Up

The Jayson Law Group LLC has put together a comprehensive Guide for Tech Start-ups in New Jersey.  This guide aims help those interested in starting a tech company in New Jersey navigate the twists and turns of being a new business owner, especially within the growing tech industry. This guide is provided as a starting […]

Article Contributed by Kate Critchlow There are points in time for a number of us when we consider the possibilities of starting up our own business, and it usually comes as a result of a good idea or a desire to be self-employed. However, if all you have is a bit of an idea you’re not […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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