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“My business is in trouble with debt spiraling out of control and I simply don’t have enough cash to make payments on time. I’ve read that most small business startups have problems similar to mine, but why?” This concern is common amongst the directors, managers, and owners of small business startups in the UK, and […]

Article Contributed by Lori Wagoner We are all victims of doing what is being told. It just seems like it’s the easiest thing to do. It also appears to be the most natural thing to do. It’s just a drill. It’s like all those parents preaching kids to study hard, get a job, get married, […]

Attention budding entrepreneurs: How handy are you with tools? Are you ready to get down and dirty and fix what needs it? I hate to break it to you but you have to be ready. Starting a company requires you to have the tools to fix anything that’s broken, coupled with the patience to make […]

Article Contributed by Mark Halstead  There can be any number of reasons why a startup company might find itself heading out of business but it is worth focussing on some of the key causes and most common pitfalls. 1 – Failing to prepare There is a lot that can go wrong for even the best […]

New Webcomics series brought to you by #entrepreneurfail and Enjoy! Oh yes, I’m a self-declared, bona fide non-technical founder. Despite the fact many years ago, my credentials looked like that of a coder, more recently, I insist on outsourcing or delegating the responsibility of anything that smells remotely technical.  This allows me to focus on marketing, […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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