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Article Contributed by Ryan Camomile How do you advertise your business? If you’re spending money on commercials or yellow book advertisements, you may be wasting your time. Social media has a more powerful influence than most other marketing platforms these days, with research showing that 90% of Americans adults have an active social media page […]

When LinkedIn opened the LinkedIn publishing platform to everyone – consultants, business leaders and their sales, marketing and business development teams were getting hundreds to thousands of views. But now, many are struggling to get even 100 views. And, we find that people are beginning to post less because their efforts are not driving sales […]

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Instagram remains a mysterious creature for many businesses. While SMBs like Sweet Pure Honey and Camp Brand Goods have acquired a healthy following with some old-fashion elbow grease, others are struggling to increase their follower count. The latter is also facing stiff competition from enterprise giants who are coughing up big bucks to attract Instagram […]

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It’s getting harder and harder to get your subscribers to open your emails… Let alone read and act on them! As a result, business owners are seeing plummeting open rates for their email newsletters (ezines) … some email open rates are being reported as low as 8.6%. With the sheer volume of other information avenues […]

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One of the key issues facing sales and marketing teams in the modern age is the need to constantly generate new leads to fill sales funnels. Though the lead generation function has been around for quite some time now, it has become a far more complex operation to effectively target and reach out to potential […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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