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Article Contributed by Jennifer Livingston Video marketing–the incorporation of videos into your marketing strategies in order to promote your company, product or services–is becoming more popular in today’s marketing world. As a matter of fact, sixty-five percent of executives visit the marketer’s website and thirty-nine percent contact a vendor after viewing a particular video. “How […]

Article Contributed by Rand Brenner Marketing your products or services doesn’t mean you have to spend big bucks. “Riding the Coattails” of a well-known brand is a licensing strategy to get instant market recognition for your products or services. This strategy taps into the consumer recognition of a well-known brand. Many types of companies – […]

Article Contributed by James Pointon SMS marketing is gaining momentum, and it’s not likely to stop. An incredible 75% of people say that they would like to receive marketing via text message, and that’s far too many potential customers for you to ignore. Small businesses should be jumping on this bandwagon – there’s no size […]

Article Contributed by Rachelle Wilber There is no doubt that today’s most important business consideration is understanding buyer motivation. When business owners understand buyer motivation, the design of the target market is accurate and effective. This premise is true for hiring the best employees which also requires understanding motivation. The problem for many business owners […]

When it comes to video marketing for small business, it’s become clear that there’s growing evidence to suggest that you can’t go wrong with including video in your marketing. According to YouTube, mobile video viewing rises 100 percent each year, and 90 percent of users say that seeing a video for a product helps in […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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