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Five Triggers to Transform Your Business Growing a business is simple when you understand the five trigger that impact growth and profitability. The five triggers are: Lead Generation: How many leads are we getting? Lead Conversion: The number of leads that convert to customers. Number of Transactions: The number of times a customer buys from […]

Did you ever ask yourself, “Why don’t people buy from me?” The Biggest Marketing Challenge WE All Face The biggest challenge we’re dealing with today is change. Things are changing so fast. As a result of this rapid pace of change people do not know who to trust! There are six questions your prospects want […]

Increasing sales can tedious work as your business will have to look into various things which will enable better influx of customers. On the other hand, promotion and marketing might be in a need for improvement, which could cost you a pretty penny. Finding new leads for your business might be easier than it looks, […]

Marketing and money – it’s a mix that can get messy quickly if you don’t come up with a sound strategy and execute it correctly, pivoting when needed. While every entrepreneur dreams of becoming the next overnight startup success story, most will never make it a reality. But there are ways to ensure your new […]

Article Contributed by Marcus Jensen The sales process is a long road dotted with pitfalls and junctions that can lead potential customers astray. Sales representatives cannot cover every step of the way, but they can pull together a map, and put visible signs to direct people. Namely, sales funnel prevents the sale pipelines from becoming […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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