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Article Contributed by Greg Dastrup It is the aim and objective of businesses, whether as small businesses or as start-ups, to increase revenue each quarter. While this is the case, the process is not as simple as it sounds and actually requires carefully crafted strategies to fully integrate into a successful system. There are a […]

Article Contributed by Indira Moola Almost each and every business traveller would understand the headaches that a manual expense travelling could cause. Misplacing all the travelling receipts, documents could lead to the delays in reimbursement, while a simple calculation errors when people attempt to reconcile their expenses by hand could end up costing a company […]

Article Contributed by Monique Craig According to eBullpen, LLC, 46% of newly hired employees leave the workplace within one year of signing an employment contract. Deloitte shows that 50% of all the employees are actively looking for another job. These alarming statistics, put together by Strategic Diagnostics, should make every manager wonder what can be […]

Seven-year-old Ransom Duel noticed his classmate choking after eating a bite of a Nutella sandwich. Ransom picked up the jar, read “hazelnuts,” and knowing that his friend has an allergy to nuts, ran to get his teacher who brought an epi-pen and saved the friend’s life. When asked about it afterwards, Ransom said, “I just […]

America’s Backbone Weekly: Start Planning Gaining a Competitive Advantage By SooJi Min for America’s Backbone Weekly In order to succeed in today’s competitive global marketplace, small business owners need to foster an environment that promotes creativity and innovation in the workplace. Following are four steps that any small business owner can take to get the […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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