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Article Contributed by Dan Razak Even though many people think that the business world is very complex, it’s actually pretty easy to explain. Customers are constantly looking for companies that can offer them better products or services at more affordable prices. But of course, reaching the stage where you can offer your customers something like […]

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Article Contributed by Hannah Whittenly Every business owner knows that not being productive hurts the entire company. When there isn’t productivity, there are some serious consequences—loss of money, lack of quality, and even the downfall of the company. That is why it’s important for every CEO and manager in the business world to check themselves and […]

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Article Contributed by Lisa Michaels Project management is central to a business’s overall success and profitability. When projects, whether carried out for clients or for the betterment of the entire company, become delayed or go off track, they put the business at risk of losing money and jeopardizing its brand. More businesses today are relying […]

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Business management and marketing know-how isn’t something we’re born with … but it can be learned. Many business owners — especially those with a non-business background — struggle when it comes to creating a strategic business plan for their business.  Chances are they’ve never ran a business before and, even in their “employment” days, were not involved […]

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Training new employees can be a daunting task for many businesses. Sometimes, they don’t have a complete training program; other times, they just don’t know exactly how to use the training programs they do have. The problem is that proper training is one of the most important ways to get the most out of employees […]

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