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Article Contributed by Dan Radak  You cannot expect your business to move forward and to develop unless you invest in it, and especially the workers employees who make everything work. Moreover, you should look into what you can do in order to help them gain new skills to be able to contribute more for the […]

By Steven D. Goldstein One of the elements of a truly engaged workplace is the asking of questions. The fact is that most people are afraid to ask questions; whatever natural curiosity we had as children tends to get discouraged in most large organizations. Leaders assume following the status quo is the right way to […]

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette It’s as familiar as the chorus of American Pie by Don Mclean, only instead of “the day the music died,” it’s “the day the employee died.” It begins with something like, “She’s just not working out…” and wraps up with “It’s just hard to find the right person today.” […]

How happy are your employees? The answer to that question can determine how productive they are and how much revenue your business brings in. Through hundreds of studies researchers have found that happiness begets success, not the other way around. Employees that feel happy at work are more productive, creative and motivated. There’s such a […]

Employee engagement at a startup is one of the hardest things to get right. The startup life isn’t for everyone, and as anyone that has worked in a startup knows, there’s a ton of pressure, long hours, and almost too much stress. Burnout and depression are very real things in the startup community, making employee […]

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