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Does trust play are in business? In marketing and sales? How about operations or finance? According to The Trust Edge by David Horsaager, you can gain faster results, develop deeper relationships and create a stronger bottom line, when people trust you. According to Horsager, trust is defined as a confident belief in a person, product […]

Article Contributed by Patrick Panuncillon The problem is not them; it’s YOU! You’re done working with the most monstrous bosses of all times. You probably swore to yourself that when that time comes where you’re the one managing people, you will do things differently. That day has now come – you’re already a boss. You […]

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Article Contributed by Derek Iwasiuk Making it as an entrepreneur is very tough due to the competitive environment in most industries and the fact that most entrepreneurs do not have the relevant experience or will power to make it. Statistics show that only a small percentage of startups make it past the first five years. […]

Giving back to your community is hugely important for businesses. Not only does it help to set you apart from competitors, it also can make your employees happier and attract new customers and clients to want to work with your business. There are many different ways to give back to the community, here are a […]

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Businesses have never before had so much access to so much information about their customers. Information is power, and for businesses, that power translates into the ability to provide a level of customer service that will elevate the bottom line. One of the biggest challenges that businesses currently face is storing, accessing and effectively utilizing […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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