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Moving goods on a pallet is arguably the safest way you can possibly transport your products. Whether you are an individual or a business, pallets allow you to pack everything together tight whether you are sending them to the next town or another country. Because of the fact that there are very few limitations on […]

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The world of business has changed dramatically over the last decade. No longer is the 9-to-5 routine the norm and more and more people provide services in freelance positions or run small businesses on their own or with just a few employees. These changes have made a big difference in how people run their businesses […]

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Article Contributed by Sujain Thomas Business analytics, also called business intelligence or BI, involves gathering and interpreting data for businesses. Business intelligence has many players, the titansbeing Oracle, SAP, and IBM, the established specialists being SAS, MicroStrategy, and Information Builders, and notable emerging players are Tableau, TIBCO, QlikTech, Birst, andLogi Analytics. There has been an […]

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Article Contributed by Robin Singh Implementing a knowledge base in your business is a perfect way of improving the service that your company offers. Establishing FAQs, employee tutorials and conducting surveys are only some of the things with which a knowledge base can help greatly. This software solution offers benefits for both the customers and […]

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The healthcare industry uses its fair share of contractors at all levels. Using outside staff and services is a matter of convenience, and it allows the healthcare facility to focus on taking care of patients. It’s important that contractors understand that they are held to the same rules and regulations as the facility, including HIPAA. […]

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