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Archive for the ‘Operations’ Category

  Are there actually ways to simplify business processes that can save you time and money? Well that’s the million dollar question most business owners ask themselves on the regular basis. It is important to continually seek ways to get the job done in a more cost effective manner without compromising quality – and your […]

If you are the proud owner of a new small business, you may already have built up a sizable list of clients and business associates. You may have inherited some of them from your time at a previous company, or you may have compiled a list of potential clients and customers somewhere along the way. […]


Employment Taxes 101 for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Pamela Swift in Operations

If you thought that filing taxes as a “one man band” was challenging – wait until you hire employees. The government has strict regulations in place for employers that must be followed in order to avoid hefty penalties. Not only will you be responsible for distributing payroll on a periodic basis to your staff, but […]

Entrepreneurs LOVE to create; they don’t enjoy setting up systems! As solo business owners, that’s all we want to do – create products and programs, and come up with new ways of delivering our services. So when the talk turns to systems and processes, this is where most business owners’ eyes will glaze over … […]

Fast growth does not always equate to success in business. You need the right tools to complement the growth rate otherwise it can easily die out on you and you’ll be left with a brand that used to be successful. Here are five tools every business and owner and entrepreneur needs to acknowledge and implement […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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