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BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 157

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

  Billboard With A Social Touch Conceived by BBDO Bangkok for Thailand-based DIY store HomePro, the creators of the initiative realized that those who can’t afford proper accommodation were using old advertisement boards as makeshift walls for their homes. Instead of its usual road-side billboards, HomePro called on the creative agency to build more sturdy […]


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 156

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

  BikeSpike Bicycle Tracking The BikeSpike is a subtle way to deter bike thieves by looking like a regular old water bottle holder. However, that bottle holder hides a unique little trick: a GPS tracker that syncs to your smartphone. Beyond letting you know where your stolen pedal-based conveyance is, the BikeSpike also has more […]


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 155

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

  Snowboarding Kontrol Braking For years, snowboarding novices have been forced to meet the sport with a combination of terror and pain. Even the smallest bunny hill is horrifying to look at when your legs are locked into a device that you have no idea how to use. One wrong move and you’re eating an […]


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 154

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

  Mobile Espresso Bar Combining their three loves — coffee, cycling and sustainability — inspired two London Royal College of Art product design students to create a mobile espresso bar, the Velopresso, that operates on pedal power. No electricity, no tethers. A truly free-wheeling carrier of caffeine.. Continued in BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 154 >>>   […]


BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 153

Posted by Pamela Swift in Newsletter

  Solar Energy Potable Water Concerned about the lack of fresh water in the developing world, designer Gabriele Diamanti wanted a solution to desalinate water that was available to households rather than relying on giant, centralized plants.. Continued in BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 153 >>>   – The OnlyHeart Promise – Mobile Bank – Zipping Furniture […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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