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Over 10 years ago I started a Mastermind group with one other gentleman. There was one individual I wanted to get to know better but we ran in different circles. I always respected this individual and told him that. I asked him if he would be willing to join me creating a group. He agreed […]

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Reduced travel is one of the biggest benefits of video conferencing. Less travel to conferences means that businesses do not have to spend enormous amounts of time and money on travel. However, less travel is not the only advantage of using a video conferencing app to speak to your colleagues, clients and partners. There are […]

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When it comes to the corporate business world it can be difficult to decide on gifts, especially when considering important clients. Giving something too personal and ‘over-the-top’ might put them off and make them think you’re not serious, but giving something too indifferent and cold might give the impression you don’t care enough. Getting the […]

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If your company is going to be the next big thing then you’re going to need to get out there in the business world and mingle. Networking events are the perfect platforms to showcase your professionalism and let everyone know about your company brand. You get to mix and mingle with likeminded individuals and create […]

Trade shows still present an important avenue for networking, sales lead generation and joint ventures. Even in this digitized world, the old-school tactic of attending a conference relevant to your niche (or your customer’s niche) is still part of a great marketing strategy. If you’re the one who’s organizing a trade show, there is no […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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