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Article Contributed by Finn Pierson As a startup, you’re competing with established companies that are offering the best and brightest candidates incentives. You’re not going to have the money or resources to offer them huge benefits. You’ll have to get creative and offer incentives that are more appealing. Starts with a Job Description You’ll want […]

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Article Contributed By Steven D. Goldstein No one enjoys working with a coworker with a poor attitude. Oftentimes, these employees are the first to be let go, with managers fearing that their demeanor may infect the rest of the team. However, sometimes these less-than-positive employees have insights that can dramatically improve your business. Their anger […]

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Article Contributed by Rachelle Wilber Human resources, also called human resources management or HRM for short, could easily be renamed the “people department.” In its most traditional implementation, human resources is in charge of recruiting, hiring, training, tracking and firing, as well as legal compliance, benefits oversight and dispute resolution. So it is no wonder […]

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Prosperous business owners recognize that fuel for growth centers around attracting and retaining exceptional employees. Offering enticing benefits packages are an excellent method for appealing to employees who align with the culture of your company. However, negotiating the costs and managing the choices of employee benefits plans is time-consuming and multifaceted. Designing and Implementing the […]

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Some companies actively use drug-testing as part of their applicant screening process to prevent possible habitual drug users from joining the company’s workforce. It’s an effort to avoid employing candidates who’s mental and other abilities are impaired by the effects of drug use. In that situation, the person would be unable to fulfill the necessary […]

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