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Often when you want to move forward in your career striving towards having a more professional image is hugely important. Being smart, polished and looking presentable is essential towards impressing your colleagues and higher levels of management. Potential clients and competition will view you as more reputable and trust worthy with a slicker and glossierimage.Here’s […]

Recent studies suggest that around half of start-up companies fail within the first five years of operation. This means that even entrepreneurs who are convinced they have a great idea can quickly become just another statistic. To combat this, you’ll need to lay the foundations necessary for a successful business to flourish. Here’s what you […]

As markets become more competitive and crowded, companies must not only increase profits, but also reduce operating costs. The good news is that there are simply and easy ways for companies to reduce their operating costs. Waste Management Waste management doesn’t just refer to garbage and recycling. Many businesses can save significant amounts of money […]


How to Develop an Ecommerce Start-up

Posted by Marcel Sim in How-To Guides

Becoming an online start-up might seem like a much easier option than setting up a business with a physical presence. After all, a few clicks and you are up and running right? Wrong. It may be true that the low start-up costs of ecommerce have made it a viable option for a wider range of […]

The office is your space to be productive. It’s where you do most of your work, spend most of your weekday waking hours and where you need to be able to focus. The same can be said for your employees. Because of this, many business owners focus on productivity – on having the right equipment […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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