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The thriving American cottage industry includes the smallest businesses of all, ones that can fit into a spare room, basement or garage. But even a business small enough to fit on a kitchen table has to keep impeccable records, function efficiently within its allotted space, and keep its overhead as low as possible. If you […] is a website devoted to encouraging moms to start their own businesses and giving them free exposure. Founder Holly Hurd knows all about entrepreneurism and has helped many moms by featuring them on her website and by showcasing their products in the VentureMom Shop. For moms who are looking for ways to market their […]

Managing your business from the comfort of your home is great, but since the environment is different from a traditional office, it’s easy to forget about the importance of securing it. When you’re working from home, you are the only one who’s solely responsible for office’s security. Just the way it’s important to keep your […]

Starting a new business isn’t as simple as picking an office space to lease and setting up shop. Some owners of new companies are anxious to put the cart before the horse, but creating a suitable work environment from home is the best method for establishing greater financial stability for your business to blossom. If […]

Before you can have clients, you need to have prospects — that’s what marketing is all about. If your marketing isn’t attracting the kind of people you’d like to be working with, it’s like pushing a rope — you are trying to sell them something they don’t need, and they are looking for something you […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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