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Here’s the thing about sustainability that developing entrepreneurs need to keep in mind: Some of today’s most successful entrepreneurial brands achieved their size and reputation by weaving planet-friendly policies, practices and initiatives into the very fabric of their businesses. Take Elon Musk, who has dedicated himself to leveraging technology to make the world a better […]

Whether an entrepreneur is grappling with the inception of an idea or its execution, the significance of having a mentor for sound advice and proper guidance cannot be denied. A good mentor helps an entrepreneur think through the business idea, suggests various ways to generate capital for the business, offers the benefit of his experience, […]

Article Contributed by Dan Razak While some new business owners are more modest when it comes to their expectations than others, the end goal that they all share is the success of their young company. Some aspire to make their brand as popular as much as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s, and that way, create a legacy […]

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The decision to leave behind a permanent and familiar job in favour of self-employment is not one that you’ll take lightly. Yes, it will take a lot of hard work and determination, but ultimately there are many advantages to making the leap. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy when you’re […]

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Starting a business can be a long and stressful road to take, it can also be incredibly lonely. That is why so many people opt to go into business with their best buddies. On paper, it’s a great idea, but we have all heard the horror stories, so what is the best option? Below, you […]

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