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The Art of Entrepreneurship

Posted by Pamela Swift in Entrepreneurship

Article Contributed by Daniel S. Williams and Evan Ehrenberg The following lessons are co-authored by Daniel Williams and Evan Ehrenberg as part of a series of publications. Lessons 1-3 are contained in the article “Debunking the Myths, Seeking the Unknown in Entrepreneurship” by Daniel. Lesson IV: Carpe Diem. I concede this may sound a tad dramatic at […]

Article contributed by Daniel S. Williams Lesson One: It’s not about you—go ‘big’ for everyone. When one contemplates entrepreneurship, it is usually a vision of Mark Zuckerberg in a college dormitory, Dell computers being crafted in a residential garage, or another myriad of grandiose creations—made possible by the innovative genius of some of the brightest individuals […]

Article Contributed by Jonathan Ensey Believe it or not, a small business owner’s worst enemy can be them. Even if they’re totally motivated, driven and have a clear-cut vision, entrepreneurs often get it all wrong. Below you’ll find 12 things entrepreneurs almost always get wrong and how to avoid them. We’ll uncover mindsets, facts and […]

Image courtesy: Article Contributed by Rose Martin You stand out. You are fearless. You dream big. You know the power of your mind and words. You are hailed as the next big thing. You are told you are finished. You create, you destroy, you climb, you fall. But you are never afraid to try. If […]


Students Mean Business

Posted by Pamela Swift in Entrepreneurship

Article Contributed by Chris There are (of course) about a million things that make being a student one of the absolute best times of your life. Among them: Meeting new friends Living away from home for the first time Expanding your mind with knowledge Gaining new independence and experience Being a student is also a […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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