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Do you have to try and eat a piece of a hot pepper in order to know it’s hot? No. Why not? Because somebody in the past already tried to gulp down an entire jalapeno pepper and it did not go so well. Therefore, others learned from that mistake and decided to use it in […]

I can hardly count the number of times I’ve had to address and move past a personal failure or shortcoming in business. In my journey as an entrepreneur (a term I use lightly, though I am my own boss!), I’ve encountered everything from tricky projects and customer dissatisfaction to accounting errors and financial obstacles, all […]

While social media can be a powerful way for businesses to interact with audiences, there are many costly mistakes that can be made in this area. Hardly a week goes by without hearing about a scandal or faux pas made by a company on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Many mistakes, of course, never reach the […]

Article Contributed by Chris Smith We all dream of retiring from the rat race and starting up our own business; having our spheres of influence completely overlap our working lives. For most of us, the closest we’ll get to this is writing on blogs and social media where our underappreciated ideas can be properly expressed […]

We all daydream. It’s an innate habit. The dream to be wildly successful, the dream to be known as iconic, the dream to have your own business, the dream to live your life instead of letting your life live you. But the pressures and anxieties often persuade us not to go down this path with […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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