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It’s true that entrepreneurs and small business owners bear a brunt of the responsibility when starting a business. Unlike major corporations who have the financial backing to afford a plethora of resources and support, most small businesses and startup companies are working on a limited budget. As such, the owners work themselves into a hole […]

Article Contributed by Stevens Stone It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. You need a certain set of habits that a lot of people just do not possess. And it is not just about having good habits; a successful entrepreneur has to work twice as hard as other people to take their business to […]

When you started your company you had dreams of growth, but couldn’t actually picture them coming true. Then, they did. You experienced growth, and you brought on a few team members. You experienced more growth and saw profits start to grow. Soon, you were excited; you realized that this was it: Your startup was becoming […]

This is a story about an opportunity I very nearly missed. (It may have happened to you too) It was a chance to do something exciting that I almost didn’t take. Because of fear, low confidence and a kind of disbelief. It was conference given by an industry I knew little about. I was the […]

New Webcomics series brought to you by #entrepreneurfail and Enjoy! Are you an entrepreneur, marching to progress?  Everyone has seen the famous scientific drawing, showing the compressed evolution of 25 million years. Entrepreneurs also go through a mental evolution as they go deeper into their businesses. I got a sale! The first fresh-faced entrepreneurs focus on […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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