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What would you do if you knew, right now, how successful your startup would be in the future? If  you knew it wouldn’t be successful, would you still pursue the entrepreneurial journey?  And if you knew it would be successful, would you work as hard at it, or just leave it to fate? We all know […]

Article Contributed by Lori Wagner What do you think the life of an entrepreneur looks like? It’s like chaos packed into the human form. Entrepreneurs live that kind of life every single day. When they aren’t dreaming about how to grow their business and get more sales, they are thinking of their clients, resources, assets, […]

Article Contributed by John Matsuya of Picture courtesy of The cultural juggernaut Shark Tank (on ABC) has taught us everything about the ultimate business pitch, from having your numbers ready, to pricing a fair valuation… well, that and that Daymond John really, REALLY likes pinstripes. Most importantly, the show highlights the importance of picking the best partners […]

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+ — oh my! If all the different social networking platforms are making your head spin, this quick quiz should help you get a handle on which social networking platform is right for you.   Now while the quiz itself (including the personality types in the answers) are all in jest, […]

Your biggest strength is also your biggest weakness. And that’s not only true of people, but also of things created by people. Like the traditional business model, which is very masculine. And while that’s most definitely a strength — it’s also a weakness. (Especially for women living too much in their masculine energy, but even […]

  Meet Our GE Network Experts!

Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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