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Article Contributed by Stevens Stone It is not easy to be an entrepreneur. You need a certain set of habits that a lot of people just do not possess. And it is not just about having good habits; a successful entrepreneur has to work twice as hard as other people to take their business to […]

When you started your company you had dreams of growth, but couldn’t actually picture them coming true. Then, they did. You experienced growth, and you brought on a few team members. You experienced more growth and saw profits start to grow. Soon, you were excited; you realized that this was it: Your startup was becoming […]

This is a story about an opportunity I very nearly missed. (It may have happened to you too) It was a chance to do something exciting that I almost didn’t take. Because of fear, low confidence and a kind of disbelief. It was conference given by an industry I knew little about. I was the […]

New Webcomics series brought to you by #entrepreneurfail and Enjoy! Are you an entrepreneur, marching to progress?  Everyone has seen the famous scientific drawing, showing the compressed evolution of 25 million years. Entrepreneurs also go through a mental evolution as they go deeper into their businesses. I got a sale! The first fresh-faced entrepreneurs focus on […]

What would you do if you knew, right now, how successful your startup would be in the future? If  you knew it wouldn’t be successful, would you still pursue the entrepreneurial journey?  And if you knew it would be successful, would you work as hard at it, or just leave it to fate? We all know […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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