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If you’re hesitant about creating a business plan, it could be down to the type of business owner you are. Over my 14 years of being in business, and speaking with many, many business owners over that time, I’ve discovered that when it comes to creating a strategic business and marketing plan for their business, these […]

In today’s world, more savvy, business-minded individuals just like yourself are choosing to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Such a life can be extremely chaotic, as most business owners are the first into the office each morning and the last one out. If you are lucky enough, then perhaps in your off hours you may […]

You know those posts where someone talks about how “grateful” they are to be an entrepreneur and have the freedom and flexibility to drop everything for an emergency and have their business not miss a beat? Yeah, they annoy me too. They are especially annoying to me now as I begin to navigate the “new […]

Only a bold, brave person chooses to become an entrepreneur. If you want to succeed in business, you’ll need to learn not only from the successes of others but also the mistakes, and the latter are often more instructive. Following are four common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make. Make Choices Are you someone who struggles to […]

Article Contributed by Lisa Michaels Starting a business is an exciting, yet stressful, experience. Businesses are formed in many ways, some of which are joint ventures. These business partnerships can occur for a number of reasons, including a lack of skill sets, poor connections within the industry or not enough financial resources. Many times, the […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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