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Article Contributed by Daniel S. Williams When I was younger I loved the Dr. Seuss stories—The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, all of them. Featuring colorful depictions alongside fictional storylines, I found them intriguing with a special “something” about the widely popular works. Though a pseudo-name, Dr. Seuss was a masterful teller of stories, a […]

Article Contributed by Paisley Hansen There are important differences between entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs that explain why some business people succeed against all odds, while most fail. It isn’t always easy to predict who will come out on top in the competitive world of business. Lenders, investors and prospective business associates considering a relationship with an […]


What To Do As A Burnt Out Startup Owner

Posted by Pamela Swift in Entrepreneurs

Article Contributed by Cameron Johnson As a startup owner, you’re used to working hard. Long hours, late nights, and no social life is the norm. It’s part of the life you choose when working to get a company off the ground, but it shouldn’t last forever; after all, once the business starts going, you should […]

A business’s public image has always been important, hence the value of corporate social responsibility. Before the Internet, corporate social responsibility was more of a procedural runaround for businesses, which could accomplish their responsibilities with some donations to charity and employee volunteer time. Over the past two decades, though, that has changed considerably. Not only […]

People that aren’t entrepreneurs or have never worked from home may think that it’s easy, relaxing and stress free. But they have it all wrong, as it can be even more stressful to be self-employed. It can also lead to a faster burnout rate, since you are taking on excessive amounts of work. If you […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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