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It takes a much more resources and time to make up for the lousy customer service than to provide a good one. For obvious reasons, service excellence is a top priority for companies, but it is not realistic to nail it every time. People have less patience in the fast-paced way of modern living, and […]

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It is easy to assume that in this ever-expanding, global, e-commerce-based marketplace, excellent customer service won’t be missed. But research today dispels this as a misconception while highlighting the fact that customer service still matters very much indeed. In fact, it may matter more than ever as a differentiating strategy for brands today. Here are […]

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Article Contributed by Torri Myler Word of mouth has always been one of the strongest forms of advertising for any business. With the proliferation of online review sites, it is easier than ever for people to go online and rate their experience with your business… good or bad. Most people admit they’ve been influenced by […]

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Article Contributed by Maggie Dodson Many retailers make the mistake of focusing on transactions over interactions. They get so caught up on getting customers to walk in the door one more time and make another purchase that they don’t think about how to optimize their rewards program. This results in a number of missed opportunities […]

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3 Easy Ways To Gain Customer Trust from Simon Jones Gaining customer trust is essential for everything from initial purchases through to customer retention, repeat business and recommendations. Without trust, your brand can’t grow and your business can’t expand. But in a fickle marketplace, knowing how to build this trust and keep customers engaged can […]

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