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Much of this change is being driven by the pervasiveness of technology, especially social media. The following are some of the trends in customer service expectations that I have identified by talking to workshop attendees, customers, friends, and conducting a survey of available research and publications. Prompt response. Another one of the trends in customer service […]

Valentine’s Day is not typically considered a holiday most companies would recognize to celebrate their clients. But we think it’s the perfect reason to celebrate—companies value their clients and customers as the heartbeat of the business. Shift the focus from romantic love to “we love our clients!” Valentine’s Day is the perfect and unexpected opportunity […]

There are two basic approaches to marketing: the widespread approach and the targeted approach. With a widespread approach, you market your product or service as broadly as possible. The idea is that if you market to everybody, somebody is going to take you up on your offer. If you want to spend a bunch of […]

An elder woman and her coworker are working at a newsstand and there are 30 people demanding their attention. They all want their newspaper – now.  The coworker is frazzled and frustrated because everyone wants her attention. She cannot keep up with their demands.  She is getting angry because no one is patient – she […]

Article Contributed by Abhishek Jain We all do know and are aware of the fact that how difficult it is for the business organizations to stay ahead of their competitors when it comes to customer service trends. Consumers continue to demand a change and evolve unless and until your organization continues to stay current and […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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