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“What have you done for me lately?” is the client attitude du jour. And by “lately,” they mean very recently. The number of client experiences with and impressions from your competition expands daily with a multitude of tech-driven access points. Client engagement—from relationship to results—is a key to your increasing sales with greater productivity to […]


Why Customer Feedback is Vital

Posted by Marcel Sim in Customer Service

Listening to customers is vital and something that has stayed with me since my very first job. I was always taught that when someone receives good service, they might tell a handful of people if they’re reminded to. If they receive bad service, they’ll tell everyone! Gone are the days where a customer has to […]

Outsourcing all your calls to an answering service can help aid towards the growth of your business. It can make your employees manage their tasks and time better, save on money, and improve the overall client servicing. A business telephone answering service can also leave a good impression on your clients as this will allow […]

Shoppers will crowd the super centers and malls starting Thanksgiving evening in the U.S. In fact, over the next several weeks, retail stores will do 50% or more of their business for the year. So where will you go? And who will you do business with? Here are three positive reasons to shop local especially […]

My cranberry experience was one of the worst online shopping experiences I have had this year! And it did make me realize that it’s a big step for any business, and perhaps an even bigger step for their customers, to make online shopping the only option. The question arises; should e-commerce be the only option? […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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