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As your business grows, you will find that the time your employees spend interacting with customers is growing to grow substantially as well. In order to keep in line with what you need your bottom line to be and to ensure customer satisfaction, you will want to expand on the various ways you assist your […]

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  Having to come up with a pitch and present it to potential clients has always been a difficult task to do, much less pull off successfully. But it can be incredibly discouraging when you do not get any kind of interest after working for so many hours on your pitch. Do not fret, for […]

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Do you have a crisis communications plan in place yet? “Yes” or “no” are both perfectly acceptable answers here. “Maybe” or “Uh, what?”…not so much. If you aren’t sure what to do in the event of a serious PR crisis that threatens your organization’s public image, you’re living on borrowed time. Trust is much larger […]

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If you’re going to get big, you’re going to have to learn to deal with it. That’s the advice many of us receive when we take those first tentative steps to get our work into the world in a much bigger way. The bigger you get, the more you’ll be criticized or just have nasty […]

Article Contributed by Veronika Tondon The term ‘business pitch’ has become as popular as the term ‘startup’, in recent times. A pitch is basically a business plan that one presents verbally to the potential investors of the business. A shorter summary of the complete pitch is called the elevator pitch. The startup owner has to […]

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