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It doesn’t take predictive technology to get a good picture of where Toronto is heading in its drive to become the Silicon Valley of the North. The trends are in place and specific developments underway that are speeding the region’s transformation. In a decade, maybe less, we’ll be there. Toronto boasts a robust ecosystem that’s […]

  • Comments Off on Toronto’s Tech Hub: Jonmichael Moy Only Has Positive Words for Future

Last year was a challenging one for businesses across the UK, as economic volatility and the political uncertainty created by Brexit took a gradual toll. This is was felt particularly harshly in the retail sector, which endured a harrowing fourth quarter that resulted in job losses, declining revenues and dwindling profit margins. This should not […]

  • Comments Off on Which Supermarkets Enjoyed the Most Profitable Christmas, and Why?

Describing someone as an electrician is largely a generic term used to describe what sort of industry they work in, but there are actually many different types of electricians, and it often pays to understand the difference so that you can pick the right one for the job you have in mind. Licensed and skilled […]

  • Comments Off on Residential, Mechanical, Master and More: Understanding the Many Types of Electricians Today

Digital technology has changed our lives beyond recognition. It helps us when we need relevant information fast.We now do things differently because of our smart phones and tablets and computers. The difference is how we communicate ideas and how we search for relevant information. If, for instance, you are looking for a place to have dinner […]

  • Comments Off on How Digital Technology is Improving Healthcare Across America

According to a report conducted by the Kauffman Foundation, supporting women-led businesses could have a huge positive impact on the economic growth of the U.S. Over the last few decades, more women have started to enter the workforce, and they began to outshine males in degrees. This led to women helping the U.S. economy by […]

  • Comments Off on More Entrepreneurs Needed: Women Hold the Key to Economic Expansion

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