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When I first proposed this idea, the small business I was helping was horrified “we can’t do that, out competitors will get all the work and we’ll be out of business in no time!” In fact quite the opposite happened.  Often in a local area several like-minded small businesses depend on the same suppliers. In […]

Article Contributed by Doug Barden During times of economic hardship, it can be difficult to keep a business afloat, let alone find ways to expand and grow. In some business sectors, long established companies are struggling to keep going and many are going to the wall. But it is possible to find ways to help […]

Article Contributed by Hazel Mae You want to be an always-available mom to your kids, and yet you also want to maintain your economic independence and continue to make contributions to the house bills and living expenses. How can you achieve these two goals without having to sprout an extra body to assist you? Being […]

I’m not a huge reality television show watcher, but what I do like to watch are competition shows. Whether it’s sports or competitive cooking, I like watching how people respond to pressure. (After all, as entrepreneurs we’re always under pressure – it’s just not as condensed as it is on television nor is it typically […]

College is not just a time to take classes related to your major, you can fill your life and your resume with valuable experiences. Those who start their own businesses in college will graduate with more life experience. The American job market has also become extremely competitive, leaving many new graduates with the option of […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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