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Article Contributed by Cameron Johnson Striking out on your own to create a new product or service is an excited and sometimes frustrating venture. It requires careful planning, hard work, and a strong understanding of your industry. Most importantly, it requires a unique business idea. Coming up with this idea can at first seem daunting, […]

It’s often overlooked. Definitely under-rated. (Unquestionably the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make…..) Your story, is the single most important influencer in your business – it’s the key to your confidence, your ability to attract clients and to make money from your passion. Let me tell you just 10 way your story is business dynamite! 1. You […]

Article Contributed by Lauren Downey If you want to succeed in business there are certain things you’re going to have to do the same as everybody else, such as getting your name out there and, yes, paying your taxes on time. There are other things, however, that you should go out of your way to […]

How does one incorporate the Trash to Cash mindset into a working business model, with a local theme? Making trash, something unwanted, into a desirable resource, is the basic premise behind recycling and repurposing. It’s been done successfully many times over, even at enormous scale. Mrs. Zhang Yin, the richest woman entrepreneur in China, did it […]

Article Contributed by Dr. Joey Faucette I watched a sandpiper scurrying around the beach looking for something to eat. At least that’s what I thought he was doing. But he used most of his time and energy to chase away other birds. If another sandpiper approached his territory, he quickly ran over to chase him […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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