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How to Start a Consulting Business

Posted by Marcel Sim in Business Ideas

Article Contributed by Cameron Johnson The world of independent contracting is expanding every day, and many budding entrepreneurs make the decision to start their own consulting business. Unfortunately, people can get caught up in the fantasy of being their own boss and thoughts of making huge amounts of money. What it takes to have a successful […]

Every year, starting in early May, wedding bells begin to chime. They don’t stop chiming until winter makes everyone put on ridiculous puffy parkas. The United States wedding industry alone produces $55 billion in revenue, as reported by research company IBISWorld. Who earns all that money? Everyone from salespeople on Say Yes to the Dress […]

Article Contributed by Philip Piletic Today, every business needs more than an edge. In an atmosphere that’s filled with competitors looking to fill every niche at lightning speed, every aspect of a business needs move with the speed and fluidity of a startup. Fortunately, technology has made this readily possible. First, think small, but do it […]

Article Contributed by Cameron Johnson Striking out on your own to create a new product or service is an excited and sometimes frustrating venture. It requires careful planning, hard work, and a strong understanding of your industry. Most importantly, it requires a unique business idea. Coming up with this idea can at first seem daunting, […]

It’s often overlooked. Definitely under-rated. (Unquestionably the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make…..) Your story, is the single most important influencer in your business – it’s the key to your confidence, your ability to attract clients and to make money from your passion. Let me tell you just 10 way your story is business dynamite! 1. You […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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