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Article Contributed by Sujain Thomas

Businesses have become intensely competitive and there is need to make proper use of technological tools to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. This is the only way that business can grow. Most businesses are now inclined to extensive use of computer based databases that forms the backbone of business.  The database provides the platform for dealing with huge data and using it according to business needs.  Nowadays, it is unthinkable for businesses to exist without database support.  The speed of business is enhanced by using databases and it offers a powerful tool for marketing products and services to a wider range of customers – both existing and prospective.

The enhanced quality of products and services that businesses can offer to its customers and clients is a direct result of database applications.  The automated teller machine is a vivid example of how database can be used effectively to offer superlative service to customers. Similarly, the flight reservation systems of railways and airlines are built on the foundation of a robust database system. The abundance of data in the database has to be craftily managed and administered by using computer programs that help in storing data and modify it as per requirement to extract information that is useful for business.

Database Management Systems

Database Management Systems or DBMS as it is popularly known is system software that is deployed for managing databases. The system provides programmers and users with the opportunity of creating data in a systematic manner and manages its retrieval and update.  In order to ensure that company data is properly used and deployed, a group of professionals trained in Database Administration is entrusted with the job. As data accumulation keeps on acquiring phenomenal proportions, the task of organizing data effectively so that it can add value to business gains critical importance.

Creating and managing database environment

Oracle systems are well known for database administration and management and are widely used across all kinds of businesses. Oracle DBA consultingservices are available to support the needs of business in database management and administration. The services are essential to ensure that the database is always up and running with minimum downtime. This is achieved through close monitoring and by using the skills of troubleshooting. Certified professionals of database management companies are best placed to provide the technological support  for adding more value to business by making it grow at a fast pace.

More focus on marketing

With an eye on improved business performance, the role of database in lending more focus to marketing is what businesses can make most use of.  It is only common knowledge that efficient marketing holds the key to the success for any business and databases can be of great help in realizing the goals of marketing in a focused way.  Among different categories of databases, customer database is the most common across all types of business. The information about customers and their buying patterns are captured in the database and can be analyzed to identify the core group of customers that contribute the maximum sales value. By focusing on this group of customers it is possible to make the sales grow very fast and add substantial value to business.

Plan for incentives

Once the group of customers has been identified, marketing plans have to be revamped to attract them.  The target customers can be offered special privileges and discounts over certain value of purchase and even loyalty programs can be developed to boost sales. Customers can also be invited for special access to selected items before it is presented to the general public. It creates a feeling of exclusiveness that can encourage customers to engage in more buying.

Identify customer preferences

Suppose you have a music shop and you use the customer database to know about what kinds of music they prefer. This helps to focus on different customer groups according to their choice of music.  Databases can be effectively used for identifying what most of the customers prefer. This would help to know about the products or services that are in most demand and re-position the sales pitch for these items in order to attract more customers. It gives a direction to the marketing plan and drives it towards a fruitful completion.

Benefits of database

What has been cited above is just an illustration of one of many benefits that can be derived from databases. There are many more benefits besides marketing gains that can be derived from proper use of database.

  • Database allows free flow of information across the organization if it is made accessible to all. It removes a lot of complexity in business as it is possible for all to know the status about most of the things that matter in business. The database is the only place where all information is made available without having to search for it here and there.
  • Duplicate information is weeded out through the use of database and this leads to streamlining of work that eventually increases productivity. It can help to identify wasteful and duplicate work and also help in automating many processes that can speed up work.
  • Quick access to critical information speeds up the process of decision making that actually helps to drive the business to the next level. Databases give more clarity to business that enables visualization of the growth of business in more definite terms.

Take help from consultants

Creating and maintaining databases require the services of trained professionals who are experts in administering database management systems. Select a consultant and brief them about your business needs to help them design the database and create its architecture. They will then install and implement the system that will be optimally configured for your business only. However, it can be scaled up as your business grows. They also help in database upgrades and analytics that are essential for keeping in tune with the growing business needs.

The better you are in managing data, better are the prospects of making your business grow faster as you gain more business intelligence for effective decision making.

About the author– Sujain Thomas helps businesses do analytics. She also helps businesses develop analytics strategy. She has years of experience in analytics, DB management, and big data. For more information about Oracle DBA consulting, visit this website.



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