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Making more profit is NOT the same as generating more revenue. They are two completely different areas, and something that I see very little discussion on. Sure,  I see LOTS of talk about revenues, i.e. six-figure businesses, multi-six-figure businesses, seven-figure businesses, but you never seem to get to the real story behind these headlines – how […]

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Business management and marketing know-how isn’t something we’re born with … but it can be learned. Many business owners — especially those with a non-business background — struggle when it comes to creating a strategic business plan for their business.  Chances are they’ve never ran a business before and, even in their “employment” days, were not involved […]

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If you’re hesitant about creating a business plan, it could be down to the type of business owner you are. Over my 14 years of being in business, and speaking with many, many business owners over that time, I’ve discovered that when it comes to creating a strategic business and marketing plan for their business, these […]

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Not enough clients? Not enough profits? All it could take are a few tweaks to your business management systems and you could easily turn this around. I know the thought of creating systems in your business doesn’t sound very appealing or exciting.  But what if I told you that having the right systems in your business […]

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An email from you could be the first contact a potential client has with you. How well does it represent your business? Let me give you an example… Recently, I received an email from a person I’ve never met before asking me if I’d like to be part of her upcoming virtual event. Although I […]

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Meet Our GE Network Experts!

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