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All Articles by CASUDI Caroline Di Diego

My cranberry experience was one of the worst online shopping experiences I have had this year! And it did make me realize that it’s a big step for any business, and perhaps an even bigger step for their customers, to make online shopping the only option. The question arises; should e-commerce be the only option? […]

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When so much is dependent on you, and when you are juggling multiple balls in the air at once and not only that, but you are totally convinced that the big deal will come through at any moment, why do you need a vacation? A vacation, time off when it’s near impossible even to have […]

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How does one incorporate the Trash to Cash mindset into a working business model, with a local theme? Making trash, something unwanted, into a desirable resource, is the basic premise behind recycling and repurposing. It’s been done successfully many times over, even at enormous scale. Mrs. Zhang Yin, the richest woman entrepreneur in China, did it […]

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What pricing strategy increases revenue without having to sell lots more of your product or service? The simple answer is “raise your price” It’s not wise to raise prices without first doing focused research of market conditions and trends. You need to understand your customers, and how you differentiate yourself within your market, before designing […]

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The building is not on fire, you are! You are passionate, you are pumped up, you have an idea and you are driven to search and find a business model that works. This is not something you do sitting at your computer even though much of the data we uncover online is helpful, you need to […]

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