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Anger Management Overview
What is anger?

Anger is a general umbrella term which includes lots of emotions including mild irritation and volcanic eruption! Sometimes it is hard to identify that you are angry because anger is a common companion for just being upset, depressed, and agitated. Professionals say that most frequently underneath these feelings you may find yourself feeling angry. In case you do not recognize anger and do not want to do or if you suppress the anger you may end up feeling low and lethargic. However, anger can and should be channeled constructively and assertively in order to feel better and turn your thinking into the positive way.

What are the types of anger?

According to the professional Calgary life coach there are two main types of anger:

(a) reactive anger; it stems from opposition and hostility in any kinds of interpersonal relations; and

(b) root anger; this type in fact is a positive driving force which leads us to shout from and campaign the hilltops about anything we oppose or campaign for.

Depending on the type of anger you have you can fight or deal with it in a variety of ways.

Anger’s disrepute

Most frequently anger is perceived as a bad or at least negative feeling. If you are asked to imagine anger, you are most likely to picture a red face person who is out of control and whom you would prefer to avoid in all possible ways. People always agree that the sight and sound of any angry person may and does trigger lots of unpleasant memories in their heads. As a result, these unpleasant memories send messages into our brains about anger being a bad and absolutely unacceptable emotion. However, it is very hard to get rid of this emotion and feeling an in the matter of fact every single person on this planet has ever been angry regardless of whether they acknowledge it to themselves and express it or not.

Four ways people express anger

If you would like to fight your anger and learn to keep calm all the time you can sign in for anger management courses in Calgary or cooperate with a professional who will lead your way. But before you head over to any office, you can start doing something yourself if you know the theory. Below you can find four main types of anger to help you identify them easier and consequently to help you find ways to suppress it.

Aggressively – people who show anger aggressively are called shark-like because they attack very intensely and wish to win at all costs; they do not accept any other points of view if the latter are different from their own.

Passively – people passively going through anger never show their feelings but secretly seethe when angry; they always leave some space for resolution.

Passive-aggressively – a combination of the two anger types above means that you dig at your “opponent” with smirks and sarcasm; gossipers frequently have actively-passive anger issues.

Assertively – this is the easiest type to handle; assertive people explain why they are angry about and are ready for compromises to solve any problems.



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