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Article Contributed by Robin Singh

Implementing a knowledge base in your business is a perfect way of improving the service that your company offers. Establishing FAQs, employee tutorials and conducting surveys are only some of the things with which a knowledge base can help greatly. This software solution offers benefits for both the customers and business owners. One of the areas in which they can also be particularly helpful is the ecommerce business.

Implementing a knowledge base to an online shopping website is a perfect move that ensures better user experience, customer satisfaction, product or service details, better decision making and a faster buying process. From a business perspective, a higher number of customers and better profit margins with higher conversion rates are guaranteed with a knowledge base standing behind an online store.


  • Customer satisfaction and user experience


Providing good customer satisfaction is a key factor that is going to help your business grow faster. Utilizing the knowledge base is going to help your online store by helping your customers understand every important detail about the product that you are offering. Additionally, the knowledge base can also include FAQ pages that are going to answer all the questions that you customers might have for your company.

Enabling people to easily acquire important information about the product is going to make the whole user experience much better, which will improve word of mouth marketing, which is an essential part of every business strategy.


  • Product or service details


There are literally millions of online shopping websites, however, the majority of them only give a basic summary of a product or service that they are offering. A knowledge base is an important part of the whole shopping experience because it allows for the addition of all the important details that the customer might be interested in.

This includes all the specific product details and any additional information regarding the shipping costs and services. Every good store is equipped with a lot of information about the product or service that they offer, so make sure that you are relying on knowledge base when you are building an online store.


  • Decision making


Offering a lot of important details available to customers is very important, because it turns the whole decision making process into a task that is easy to cover. Customer behavior has significantly changed over the past decade. All of the information that they had at their disposal could only be found in stores, but nowadays, people perform a lot of research before they make a purchase. However, not everyone has the time to spend  on detailed online product research.

This makes it crucial to include as many details about the product being offered as possible. It simply allows a customer to find everything that they need in one place. The decision making process is much easier, which only adds up to the overall user experience.


  • Faster purchasing speed


As all of the important information is already included in the knowledge base, the customer needs much less time to make the satisfying decision. You are there to guide your customer through all the steps that he or she would like to take and by providing this service, people complete the whole process in a much faster manner, as they do not have to roam to other websites looking for answers. All of this contributes to the customer making a faster decision without worrying about making a mistake.


  • Increasing user base


Providing all of these services and information for your customers will positively affect customer satisfaction. Over time, every new customer that you make is certainly going to come back to make a purchase from you once again. Your customers are going to feel a certain level of trust with your business, which is going to make them come back to you in their time of need. Retaining customers is a challenge, but it is also the perfect way of achieving steady business growth.


  • Higher profits


The fact that you are increasing customer numbers also means that you are going to have higher profits. Additionally, you are going to save a lot of money on your customer support service, which is an immediate profit as well. Since there is an abundance of information on your online shop, people will have all the necessary questions answered, decreasing the workload for people in the customer support department.

Besides needing a lower number of people in customer support, you are also going to liberate your business from frequent support calls, which not only take away time from your team, but also carry a certain cost for your company.


  • Conversion rates


Conversion rates are important part of any online store. If you attract millions of people and your conversion rates are low, you are not going to maximize profits of your online store. However, if you implement a knowledge base, the available information will passively affect your customers and turn your online store into a place where they want to purchase products and services.

The increase in conversion rates is something that every online business is striving towards. If you want to run a successful business, knowledge base should definitely be included in your online store.

These are some of the reasons why a knowledge base is important in the ecommerce business. If you want to achieve business growth, it is essential to continually work on customer satisfaction and offer top notch services. This is why it is necessary to implement a knowledge base in your online shop. It makes your business better, but more importantly, it is also beneficial for people who end up on your website.

Author Bio:- Robin is a Technical Support Executive with a combined experience of 6 years. He currently works with Live2Support – a live customer and sales chat software by ProProfs. In his free time, Robin enjoys reading and traveling.



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