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Article Contributed by Natalie Smith

Just a seemingly short while ago, business were tied to physical locations. However, along with the advancement in IT, many online business opportunities have emerged within the last decade or so. Most of the work these businesses entail can be performed at home, so they can be a great source of additional income.

If you need some quick cash aside from your current job or you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, the internet abounds in opportunities. The good thing about it is that starting your own business doesn’t necessarily entail a lot of initial investment, and in most cases, it’s pretty easy to get started. There are many jobs you can pursue, and here we bring six such jobs that are currently flourishing.

1. Be Brave and Try App Development

If you have enough courage to try app development, you may find it to be a very lucrative option. Based on the growing trends of smartphone and tablet use, there’s always a need for more apps. All you need is a good and somewhat unique idea to get you started. There are many examples of people who achieved success in designing mobile application.

So, if you are good at this, don’t waste your talent by working for someone else – you can make good money on the Internet developing apps on your own. There are two ways to go about it:

a) you have both a good idea and sufficient knowledge of coding to create an app yourself, or
b) you have a good idea, but you need to hire a software developer to turn your idea into an app.

Either way, with a sustainable idea, your investment in terms of time and effort (and some money) will certainly pay off.

2. Become a Creative Web Designer

If you are talented for visual design and have some HTML knowledge to go along with, you could consider becoming a web designer. Even if you don’t have the required skills in terms of coding, it is not so difficult to attain them – it just takes some effort on your part.

This area is in great demand because there are a lot of poorly designed business websites that 1) ruin credibility, 2) are very repelling and 3) prevent companies from capturing new customers. Due to that fact, you can easily attract small business owners who urgently need their websites improved.

You can first create your own website to show off your talent, and once you’ve created a few good websites for others, you can build a portfolio. Don’t forget to advertise your business on social media and you will surely get off to a good start.

3. Set up a Successful E-Commerce Store

Selling is no longer limited to just brick-and-mortar stores, and you can utilize that fact to make some money online. How? Today you can run your own successful e-commerce business based on products that meet your customer’s demands.

You’d first have to determine which products are selling best online. For example, phone cases are an excellent example of a profitable niche. That’s because virtually everyone has a smartphone these days, and almost all of those people use phone cases. Other products that are profitable consist of toys, jewelry, games and pet care products. Of course, you can find your own passion and pursue your own idea as long as you offer something that people want and need.

To get started, you will have to set up a well-designed e-commerce website, promote it on social media, and connect with suppliers. Following a great business plan will cause things to unfold along the way.

4. Be a Fantastic Organizational Manager

Do you have great organizational skills? If you answered positively, consider putting them to good use by becoming an online personal assistant or task manager. For example, there are companies such as Zirtual that you can sign up with and perform tasks such as data entry, research, and virtual assistance work.

Some other organizational tasks include scheduling meetings, paying bills, and booking travels for your clients. Of course, the list is not exhausted, but the point is that you can easily succeed with this line of work online. Many busy people tend to outsource these kinds of tasks, so here’s your chance to earn extra money.

5. Consider Writing

Today, providing great and engaging content is a precondition for online success, regardless of the niche a certain company is in. In that sense, writing quality texts for blogs, websites and social media is simply indispensable in the current marketplace. Writing services therefore have to be one of the fastest growing online freelance services around.

If you have a sufficient amount of imagination and a good command of English, consider writing. This can include a wide range of areas such as writing articles for magazines and blogs, creating content for web pages, making e-books or posting comments and updates on social media sites for others. You can also consider writing resumes and cover letters, or even acting as an editor or proofreader if you believe you cannot write. The possibilities are really numerous.

6. Become a Mentor 

If you enjoy working with others and have knowledge in specific areas, you may be able to transfer that knowledge to others. Become an online mentor! There are many things that can be taught through the internet; particularly with the use of free services such as Skype.

Some of the areas that you can consider are teaching someone a new language, providing training in SEO and marketing, assisting others with improving their writing, mathematical or English skills, even giving health or relationship advice. There’s always a large demand for knowledge, so if you utilize your current expertise to teach others, you will be able to make extra income online.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, earning extra income online can be performed from any place in the world. As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, you will always be in a position to generate extra money or even to start your own business.

While these six businesses are currently flourishing, there are always other interesting and lucrative ideas you can pursue. With a little research, time and effort, you will begin to see the fruit of your labor relatively soon.

About the author:

BIO: Natalie Smith, a freelance writer from Seattle, ardently follows topics related to entrepreneurship, small businesses, social media, and customer service. For more information, reach her @Natalie Smith



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