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Every 12 seconds, another American launches a new home-based business. These men and women start out with a dream, but it takes more than that vision to help their companies thrive. To build a successful home-based business, you’ll need the following essentials.

A Quiet, Separate Workspace

Establishing a quiet workspace in a low-traffic area is crucial for the success of any home-based business. You’ll find you’re better able to focus on your tasks when you’re far from the sounds of playing kids and blaring TVs. A separate workspace also gives any clients who visit you the privacy they deserve. When your home office is distinct from the areas you use for relaxing with your family, you’ll find it’s easier to achieve the work-life balance you need. Once you finish for the day, simply shut the door to switch gears to family time.

Good Lighting

A well-lit home office is a must-have. When your workspace is light and bright, you’ll see what you’re doing more easily so you can increase productivity and minimize the risk of eyestrain. But that isn’t the only benefit of good lighting. Bright lights also boost your mood, keep you awake, and reduce your risk of headaches.

Ideally, your home office should have a window that casts a lot of natural light. If you can’t find such a space, add sufficient manmade light sources. Warm lights make offices feel more comfortable and less harsh than cool lights. LEDs are the best manmade option. In addition to being cost-effective and environmentally friendly, LED lights can also boost workplace productivity by as much as 5 percent, according to research from Cornell University.

A Reliable Smartphone

Smartphone apps can assist you in all aspects of business operations, from communication and marketing to scheduling and accounts. Many leading applications won’t work on early smartphone models, though. Consider upgrading to an advanced device like the iPhone 6s Plus available on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network when you launch your home-based business. This network is fast and offers wide coverage, so you can rely on it for smooth video conferencing over coffee at a café or responding to social media queries on the train.

Some people find themselves reaching for a smartphone throughout their workday, while others only use mobile devices while they’re out of the office. Whatever you choose, you’ll find that a smartphone will become a key tool for your home-based business.

A Powerful Laptop

Some experts say that a smartphone is the only tech tool you need to run a home-based business, but you’ll work more productively if you have a laptop as well. Composing emails, reports, and other documents is much easier on a laptop’s full-sized keyboard. The larger screen also helps minimize eyestrain. While a desktop computer offers similar perks, a laptop ensures that your files and documents are accessible on the go. This is ideal for business trips or whenever you need a change of scenery.

Make sure you choose a newer laptop that’s powerful enough to run the programs you regularly use. Graphic designers and other professionals who work with complex programs require more powerful laptops than those with simpler needs.

A Mighty Wi-Fi Router

A Wi-Fi router takes the information from your modem and delivers it to an internet-enabled device like a laptop or smartphone. It lets you share your internet connection with others, so the kids can use their tablets in their rooms while you’re working in the office.

The best Wi-Fi routers are built for streaming high-definition media. Choose these over cheaper alternatives if your family puts pressure on your connection with interactive games and streaming video.

Personalized Decorations

One of the greatest perks of working from home is having a workspace that you can call your own. Adding personalized decor with special meaning will help you feel more comfortable and happier in your office space. Think of potted plants on the desk and unique artwork or a favorite color on the walls. Choose decor carefully because too much clutter can negatively impact your performance.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can look forward to all the benefits that come from running a home-based business.



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