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Working from home and being able to somewhat set your own schedule is unquestionably amazing.  There are times though when working from home can leave you feeling sluggish and unbalanced.  Here are 5 top tips for staying healthy, energetic and productive while working from home.

  1. Start your day with Meditation

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes from working in a remote location. Even though you don’t have to worry about a long annoying commute, it does help to get up and do something non-work related before you actually start work.

Instead of jumping up and immediately checking your email, clear your mind.  Stretch and meditate for 10 or 15 minutes. Check out online meditation from Deepak Chopra or download an app such as Mindfulness.

If meditation doesn’t appeal to you, take your dog for a walk every morning before work.  Not only will you feel better, your dog won’t be so restless while you’re working.

If you don’t have a dog, take yourself out and walk or jog for 15-20 minutes.  Come back in time to shower before work.  You’ll feel refreshed and up to the day’s challenges.

  1. Make Your Own Meals

For so many, working from home means staring for hours at a computer screen. Heading to the kitchen and preparing a simple meal removes your mind, body and more importantly, your eyes, from the screen.  As a bonus, you can control your portions and save money if you’re preparing your own food versus ordering take-out daily.

Beth, the owner of a remote company,, suggests keeping snacks to a minimum and when you do feel the urge to munch, make sure it’s something healthy like berries, nuts or yogurt.  These foods will help increase cognitive function and aid in proper metabolism.

  1. Exercises from Your Desk

Of course, we all know how important regular exercise is for our bodies and brains.  When working from home, it’s easy to skip the gym so often that the elliptical machine becomes a distant memory.

Invest in a big exercise ball and use it in place of your desk chair for 1 to 2 hours a day.  The constant need for balancing while sitting on the ball increases muscular stability along the spine and improves posture.

If you’re on a long dull conference call and it isn’t a Skype, go ahead and do Calf Raises, Squats or Tricep Dips.  Simply walking around while on the phone is better than sitting perfectly still.  Or better yet, invest in a standing desk extender. Going outside, as long as you have good reception, is another way to get fresh air and a bit of exercise.

  1. Learn When to Step Away

Life is a balancing act of obligation and leisure.  Work is an obligation and you certainly owe the company that employs you a full day’s effort.  But you don’t owe them every waking hour.  Put in your time and do your very best to go above and beyond but step away and tend to life outside of work as well.  After all, we work hard so we can play hard, right?  Our spouses, kids, pets and let’s face it, our sanity, requires that we know when to quit each day.

  1. Get Dressed!

Getting up and ready for work is better for mental acuity than staying in pajamas all day.  It’s easier to take what you’re doing seriously when you’re dressed in day clothes rather than nightwear.  So go ahead and splurge on that custom suit you have always wanted. Plus, you don’t want to be caught on a must-take Skype call with an unwashed face and coffee stained PJs.

Basically, working from home is an ideal scenario that makes most people green with envy.  Keep it that way by incorporating these simple tips.  Remember, the boss will notice and promote a more energetic and productive employee over a sluggish one every time.



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